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       Need encouragement? Want to bring the fun back into learning? Enjoy finding out more about God's hand in history? Looking for a speaker who brings grace and care and experience to your homeschool or church group?

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 For many years, starting in 1989, Diana has been traveling across the country and around the world, giving presentations to homeschool conventions, seminars, churches and other large groups. She is a passionate storyteller, describing transparently and humorously how she discovered that education is relational; presenting rapid-fire, spine-tingling stories from history—and how parents can teach history in a way that makes history come ALIVE!; and sharing real, encouraging, give-you-hope-to-carry-on stories of parenting and homeschooling. In entertaining and inspiring ways, Diana speaks from the vantage point of having lived it out and learned about it over the past three decades. With her use of advanced presentation technology and her comfortable, accessible style, there is broad appeal in her messages. For families who want to know “joy in the journey” of homeschooling, Diana is a perfect choice. 

 Whether in the United States, Canada, or overseas, Diana loves every opportunity she has to help families discover the joy of loving God, loving people, and loving learning. She gives moms permission to homeschool in ways that make life and learning fun! She is available to speak for homeschool support groups, women’s retreats, missions support groups, mom’s meetings, or others who want to help their children learn in the way they learn best and who want to be successful in parenting. 

 What Diana enjoys more than anything is an audience that laughs with her! – which, of course, includes crying and being transparent. The smaller group settings often make more personal connections possible. She shares transparent stories of raising her children, some of the things she wishes she had known as a homeschooling parent, and the real ups and downs of being a mom!  Even if you only have a few people, if you are near enough to Anderson, IN, she would enjoy coming in person, OR perhaps there could be a session via SKYPE or similar technology. Please investigate the possibilities.  


So, What Does it Cost?

 It is generally understood that a speaker coming to your event will have expenses covered and will earn something in return. For local groups, if Diana and her husband can drive from Anderson, IN to your event and back the same day (Peoria to Elyria, Rockport to Frankfort), then you could map the roundtrip miles and multiply by the current rate, which in 2012 is $0.555 (55.5 cents/mile). Then, if the trip requires an overnight stay, please also add the cost of a hotel. Finally, if this will be part of a longer tour for the Warings, the expenses will be prorated accordingly. For large events and conventions, the standard protocol is expected.

    Along with expenses, we'd also ask that you take an offering at the end of Diana's talk.  (If the event is carried remotely via SKYPE, the cost for one session would be $300.) Please allow ample space and time for attendees to shop at the Warings exhibit table before and after the workshop. Again, for convention or large group organizers, negotiate from standard protocol.


What Does Diana speak about?

Everything from World War 1 to practical tips of how to engage your brain while learning!  Some of Diana's most requested workshops include: Learning: A Breathtaking Adventure, Not Just Your Average Genius, or History Via the Scenic Route.  Click to see a complete list of her homeschool workshops or history workshops!

You will receive from Diana Waring thoroughly professional, highly prepared presentations of one-hour workshops. Her titles are all backed by years of experience, shelves of reading, hours of sharing ideas with others, and days of intense preparation in the Word and prayer. There will be a joy-filled, entertaining and supportive presentation followed by lively Q & A opportunities after the workshop, but no more than a two-minute commercial of her products. You may also expect support for your event, such as articles from Diana to publish, radio or TV interviews with your local stations, your event on Diana’s calendar and social media, and website or print materials to distribute.

"A marvelous speaker"  

"Her influence is positive.  Her message is purposeful and credible."

"Diana’s colorful, delightful approach  provides refreshment…" 

"Simply wowed me with her recent presentation!"

"I'm completely at awe with how she makes what most consider a bland topic…a home run hit with her audience."


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