Meet the Warings


Starting in 1995, Diana Waring Presents has been dedicated to providing excellent resources designed to help homeschool families love learning and enjoy the journey.

Diana’s personal trek into the world of homeschooling began while still pregnant with their first child when she read the very first book to hit the market about homeschooling. She fell in love with the concept of teaching kids at home, but her husband, Bill, a public school teacher and the son of a teacher, was not as quickly convinced. Once he compared the methods and the results, he became dedicated to homeschooling for the entire family.

While homeschooling their own children from preschool through high school, Bill and Diana Waring recognized that one’s decision to homeschool is only the first step.The challenges of navigating the lifestyle of educating while parenting, and of teaching kids in a way that motivates them, are difficult. It was to address these challenges and to be a source of encouragement that Diana Waring Presents was born.

Today, Diana and Bill Waring—the owners of Diana Waring Presents—publish Diana’s highly acclaimed multiple-intelligence/learning-style based world history curriculum, American history products, and practical encouragement for the homeschooling family.


The Waring's mission statement:

"To encourage, equip, and educate families in an entertaining way."

Education that's Relational!™


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