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Basic Overview of Diana Waring’s “History Revealed” world history curriculum

Wondering if Diana Waring's History Revealed curriculum is right for you?

Here is a brief introduction of what makes this curriculum distinct and easy to use! 


What our curriculum is (and is not) 


First of all our curriculum is: 

  • designed for the whole family – you can use this curriculum equally well with one student or ten students!  Our curriculum is designed so that all your children can study the same time period and learn some things together while doing different grade appropriate activities. Our Student Manual is designed for 5th through 12th grade and our Elementary Activity Book is a companion book designed for K through 3rd or 4th grade…that is one of the ways that little ones and older ones can learn together. 


  • multi-disciplinary – this curriculum doesn’t just teach history, it includes a focus on the geography, music, architecture, art, literature, science etc. of the time period.  This is important as it enables your students to make meaningful connections between these various disciplines and to understand them within their historical context.  It should be noted though that this curriculum is NOT a complete science, literature, or art program etc.  We explore these elements as a part of our analysis of a historical time period. However, within the structure of our curriculum it is possible to earn a second or third high school credit by giving extra attention to some of these elements.


  • book based – this curriculum is NOT a textbook! While we do have a Student Manual, which includes an introductory article to read for each unit, the student is expected to select books from our wonderful recommended resources section and from the library for each unit. Use of "living books" is an important part of our curriculum. 


  • teacher friendly -   our curriculum is designed in such a way that you do not have to carry the burden of extensive preparation.  We have done the work for you in the Teacher Guide.  Our goal is to set you free! 

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  • individualized for students – this curriculum is structured in a very unique way, allowing students to learn in the way that they learn best and enabling them to develop their unique giftings.  Our goal is to empower students. 

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  • Biblically based  – our history curriculum is written from a Biblical worldview.  Everybody talks about the importance of having a Biblical worldview.  Diana is using it; she is implementing that Biblical, Protestant, evangelical understanding in her writings and recordings.  It is written not as a mere recitation of facts but as a uniquely Christian Analysis of history.   Our goal is to help you see God’s heart. 

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The Scope and Sequence


 Diana Waring's History Revealed world history curriculum is divided into three time periods: 

 Ancient (Creation to Christ)

 Middle (Roman Empire to the French Revolution) 

 Modern (Napoleon to the Korean War)

The curriculum is designed for you to be able to do each book in one year, (or longer if you choose). Or shorter, if you need to abbreviate it. 



The Core Components

Each of the following core components is available for each of our three time periods.  








Our History Curriculum



Our History CD's









The Learning Cycle


Each of the books (ancient, middle, and modern) is divided into 9 units.  Each unit is designed in a 4-week cycle.  This way the book can be completed in 36 weeks, one typical school year. After three books — three years — the family can dig in more deeply as they revisit some or all of the eras another time.


The 4-week design represents a learning cycle.  Each learning phase takes one week. All of the students go through all four phases.






What this means for you


Our curriculum offers:

  • the opportunity for your entire family to learn together
  • the flexibility that allows you to adjust to the needs of your family
  • the individualization that enables each of your children to flourish
  • the joy of creativity that makes learning fun
  • the ease of preparation that makes teaching a breeze
  • the reader's delight of nice long lists of recommended books in each Unit
  • the Biblical analysis that brings HIStory to life


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