Can learning be an adventure?

Imagine what it would be like if your child thought school was fun!  

What if your children woke up and actually begged to do school?  What if instead of you dragging them through the maze of schoolwork, they were actually the ones leading you, wanting to learn more? What if instead of having to motivate them, they motivated you? 


Ever known a child like that?  You probably thought… “child genius.” 


But the truth is every child has the inborn capacity to be an excited learner! 

Yes, every single child. 


So what’s holding them back? The box called “education.” 

Too often “education” is a one size fits all box and you are left trying to stuff your child inside. 


But what if instead of being a box, education was an open door to a world of discovery and adventure?  

  We believe that education is an adventure waiting to happen! 

  Unbelievable you say? Unachievable you insist?!  Well, get ready to think differently!  


That’s what Diana Waring's History Revealed curriculum is all about…helping you make learning an adventure! 


  The three foundational principles upon which Diana Waring's History Revealed curriculum is built are…

Freeing Teachers, Empowering Students, and Seeing God’s Heart. 




Freeing Teachers


For teachers we offer:

– a flexible curriculum that conforms to the needs of your family

– freedom from a list of "one size fits all" academic requirements

– a guide that will help you work with rather than against your children's unique learning styles

– an educational model that will return the joy to your homeschooling


– you are not expected to do all the work…our Teacher's Guide makes it easy! 

You are free to:

  enjoy your children

  guide them on the path of discovery 

  honor and affirm their unique giftings

  build meaningful relationships  

  have FUN!


To find out more about what we believe it means to set you free as a teacher and how our curriculum accomplishes that, click here






Empowering students


For students we offer:

– an education tailor-made to equip you to become the person God made you to be

– freedom from the traditional pencil and paper approach to school

– an opportunity to learn in ways that you enjoy

– a chance to personalize your studies and creatively pursue your interest

– permission to express your discoveries through a wide variety of means including music, art, graphic design, and more

– affirmation of your unique giftings

– the power of self motivation as your learning becomes your own

– a lifetime love of learning

…. not to mention the fact that you will have tons of FUN…just wait and see! 


To read more about what we believe it means to empower students and the nuts and bolts of how our curriculum is tailored to different learning styles click here.





Seeing God’s heart


For the entire family we offer:

– a journey of discovering how Biblical events fit into their broader historical context

– an understanding of how the history of the church impacted the world

– a knowledge of missionary and revival movements through the ages

– a glimpse of the broader context of God's work in the world

 even more importantly our desire is that you would:

– watch His faithfulness displayed in the past in ways that cause you to trust Him today

– understand His amazing work of redemption woven throughout some of the darkest times in history

– see His heart for the world in a way that changes your life and sends you out to serve 


 To read more about Diana Waring's History Revealed Christian Analysis of history, click here