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Thank you for developing such a great curriculum that works so well for a broad range of ages! We've enjoyed the first two volumes of History Revealed. Now my 8th grade daughter and I are also enjoying volume three on the same schedule as [my son who is in your class], only without your lectures and with different expectations for projects. I love the flexibility. My kids both enjoy discussing the topics together, listening to your cds, and labeling the maps. I love the closeness developed from our discussions. Yesterday on the way into the grocery store, [my son in your class] and I were discussing whether or not William Carey should have stayed on the mission field, kept his family there, or chosen some compromise. Very precious time!

Alicia, email


Looking forward to receiving our order! I grew up listening to Diana's What in the world on cassette tape and am looking forward to sharing the joys of history with my own children! Thank you!

Amy, S A


Just wanted to let you know that we recieved our curriculum!!! I was so excited. I've read through the introduction in the teacher manual and already I really appreciate the wisdom that Diana shares. I believe I'll be a better teacher and mom through this curriculum. Thank you!

Heather K., far away


Message: I just wanted to tell you how much our family is learning from your history material. It is doubly fun b/c my sister and her girls are studying it at the same time; thanks to cool technology like Skype and Facebook we can share the things we are learning, links and pictures we are finding, and projects we are doing — despite being separated by half a continent. My husband has listened to all the CD's and has had the opportunity to share many of the tidbits / perspectives in a men's Bible study he was leading on the first 10 chapters of Genesis this past year. As I worked with my daughter last week on the Unit about Egypt I realized just how EXCITING it is that we are learning about this as the archaeologist are studying things through a new lens thanks to Rohl. I thought is was exciting to see that MANY people are working on this… Mostly I am just writing to say thank you for the work you did to compile this material.

Jodi R. email


Finally, we have (as a family) been so blessed by your ministry and even last night my younger son (13 y.o.) went to sleep listening to one of Diana’s history cds!  My older children did the same and loved meeting Diana when she was in Australia some years ago.  I cannot tell you the impact your God-centred approach to history has been to us.

Sally K., New South Wales


Also , I would like to let you know how this history curriculum has not only been a blessing for our family academically but also spiritually. The Lord has used it in my life personally to see the BIG picture of His plan to redeem mankind to Himself. I even brought it to church, when our church was reading through the Bible chronologically, to help answer questions people had. Thanks!!!

Kimberly C., Mississippi


We started Diana Waring's curriculum about 2 years ago, and they LOVE it!!!  Our eldest is finishing his second year – Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries :o)  Our second eldest will be finishing his first year – Ancient Civilization and the Bible. They both are looking forward to the next year's history, while enjoying this year's.  They both really, really enjoy history.  I am thrilled as a homeschool mom to see our boys not only love history, but enjoy learning a wealth of true history! This isn't written to be a testimonial, but I am writing to personally thank Diana for being a light in this dark world.  Homeschooling has been fabulous, but to see our two older boys grow to love history is icing on the cake.  We are so BLESSED by all the work Diana has done to put together a fabulous curriculum for Christians.  I soooo appreciate the years she's spent doing this and she has definitely made a world of difference.  i can't imagine how many lives she's touched and changed with this.  I know that may sound grandiose or exaggerated, but it isn't.

Vetta, emailed


I can not even begin to express how much I have enjoyed reading and listening to Diana throughout our 17 years of homeschooling. 
Thank you for continuing to invest in those who are still in the trenches!  =)

Nancy St. C., Tennessee


I have to tell you, doing this "curriculum" changed my life. It allowed the Word of God to be living and active to my children. It not only made history come alive, it opened their eyes to the beautiful truths of the Scriptures. It gave them an appetite for the Old Testament seldom seen in young people, and made us all more appreciative of the Redemption side of the story that we already loved. 

Kathy T, Maine


Dearest Diana,
We arrived at Unit 9 in ACB [Ancient Civilizations & the Bible] last week, and tonight we read about Jesus Christ, Immanuel, as a family, from your text. Having just finished Rome, those familiar words at the beginning of Luke 2 took on new meaning. I truly was in awe of how beautifully you brought us to this moment in history. It really is all about Jesus, and I continue to ponder and reflect upon your words tonight as I eagerly anticipate celebrating the birth of my King, once again, tomorrow. Thank you, beloved Diana, for your ministry. It's so much more than education. It's impacting our hearts and lives for the sake of the Kingdom. 

Angelica G, Indiana


Hi Diana – we just took a 16 hour drive (each way) to visit family, and a good number of those hours were spent listening to your Ancient Civilizations CDs! My 4 and 6 year old were spellbound, and my husband and I were engrossed as well. Thank you for making the hours fly by – so glad I met you at the OCEAN conference and bought your curriculum! 

Amy B, Oregon


I have searched the world over for a biblically sound history curriculum with a strong evangelical and Christ-exalting focus, and it seems as though I have found it in the first two volumes of your History Revealed curriculum.

Jenny Vass


God is so good, and this is the best program I have ever seen! I’ve tried Sonlight, Mystery of History, and Story of the World, and worked as a professional elementary teacher for 7 years both public and Christian schools, and there is simply no comparison!



I have to agree that this is the best history curriculum out there!



Thank you for all you do and the exciting, wonderful, godly manner you bring history and HIStory to life. Who knew history could be this lively, interesting, dastardly and wonderful.  I slept through most of HS history.  :>)  I know you’ve heard it countless times, but History would have been a lot better if I had your incredible company when I was a kid.

Charese Baker Crowe


I had to let you know how happy I am with our choice of world history curriculum. I knew when I opened the teachers manuals to the first page that this curriculum was (thankfully) going to be different. Acts 17:26-27 very clearly reveals His purpose in all of history and is the right foundation to build upon. I was even more delighted to see a 2-page spread devoted to the subject of Teachers as Followers of the Lord. I LOVE that!!

Jenny Vass


Thank you to Diana for giving me the freedom to let my children learn in a way that they learn best.  



The curriculum is a great way to teach children of different learning types and styles: struggling learners flourish, advanced students excel, and it is a great common ground for the whole family to reinforce our Bible Study. 

Cheryl M. Supples



(We have had) a fantastic, rich time – all because you gave me the confidence to “teach” this way and God opened up unexpected avenues.  The best bit for me is getting to learn really interesting things from my excited children! We talk about it at breakfast, lunch and tea time, while travelling in the car and doing housework! 

 Julie M., Australia


Thank you so much for using your God-given talents to help homeschoolers! We are enjoying our second year using History Revealed. It is so different from the traditional curriculums we were use to. It is a learning experience for our whole family.

Sarah, Missionaries in West Africa


We have learned so much, and it is so exciting to see how it all fits together. We are looking forward to beginning to study the program this term. 



We are home educating our daughters, 1st, 3rd and 7th grade. This is our second year. Today we started Unit 2 in Ancient Civilizations. We had wonderful discussions. I really like the way your Teacher Guide, Student Guide and Activity Book all work together. I was able to work with them, all together, leading discussion with ease. Today, after discussion, we sang “Jesus Loves the Little Children” with instruments (cymbals, maracas, horns, and rhythm instruments), over and over. By the way, I have had a long standing fear of history. Thank you for bringing it alive for me, and giving us the resources to bring it alive for our girls!



Our family is loving Diana’s curriculum.  With our large family, it can be a little difficult to find a curriculum that will work for such a range of ages and grade levels.  History Revealed! does a beautiful job of allowing our children to learn together, yet it helps them explore and be creative on their own levels. The self-expression projects have got to be listed as number one on my list of favorites.  I laughed at their antics; I clapped for their presentations; I was charmed by their creativity; and I was thrilled to see just how many details and interesting points they were able to remember and clearly show in their projects.  What a fantastic way for the kids to each be challenged on their own levels.


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My son said that he loved your audio and unit articles best. He found them intriguing and informative. He feels your curriculum helped him to be firmly grounded in the truth and ready to handle what the secular university is shoving at him. He feels your curriculum helped him develop critical thinking skills, which was the greatest benefit.

Terri T


I've done your history curriculum throughout my entire high school career and now the time has come to fill out transcripts and such. . .for the Ancient Civilizations, Romans, Reformers and Revolutionaries, and then World Empires, World Missions, World Wars. I have loved going through your history courses. I have learned so much that I can't begin to thank you. I feel as if learning from your unique style has really implanted the facts and adventures into my brain. Your HUMOR and laughter made learning sooooo much more exciting than memorizing boring dates and General So-and-So. Thank you for making my high school history so fun and creative. God bless you and your ministry through learning!

Hannah S


In my years as a homeschooler, history has been one of my favorite subjects. Mrs. Waring’s curricula has fostered and developed that love of history with her enthusiasm, and perspective, and encouraged me to dig deeper with her own research. Her curricula has impacted my view of history with her Biblical perspectives. I am now a college student and have been taking CLEP exams to take care of my course requirements, and her curricula has been one of the most influential and helpful resources for my college studies.



We did order World Empires & my son (13) is loving it!! He just told me today how much he likes listening to the CDs and that the speaker is fun to listen to. I have to tell you hours after school is over, he tells me all he has learned. It's good to know he's thinking about it and that's it interesting.

Tammy R.


I have a 15 year old who is a reluctant reader.  But for the last two days, he has been transfixed by your products.  He has been intrigued, simply intrigued.  I heard him laughing and saying “No way!” in the WAY only precocious, strong-willed boys can. “

Charese Baker Crowe


Today we had an appointment and couldn’t finish everything for school.  We usually do history together during or right after lunch. When my kids found out we had to skip it my two youngest actually CRIED!



My Sarah (turning 14 – 8th grade in the fall) has LOVED working through Ancient Civilizations and Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries! The only problem that we find ourselves in is that because there are SO many fun things to do and read – we usually don’t finish in 4 weeks.  Problem?….not really.  She loves learning – loves to listen to your CD’s and always has an enormous WOW to say after reading your articles.  I can’t thank you enough.  

Maria Foster


I have two very energetic strong minded little boys ages 10 and 6 and I use the Ancient Civilizations and the Bible with both. Just today my 10 year old said, “May I just take a break from school a moment and read?”  (he does not count reading as school, and chooses a  book from my history shelf ) “Sure,” I say, then I just mention, “Would you like to create a collage or drawing illustrating the events or people we’ve studied since the tower of Babel.(Um, great idea Diana :))  He says, “Oh, wow, thanks Mom!” and takes his break from school for the next hour doing a fabulous history project. . . and he never knew it was phase 4 of unit 1 in history! He just knew it was fun!!!



My son (10), who is not the typical “sit at your desk” student, has really enjoyed this curriculum so far.   He has compiled a tri-fold board with information he has learned and wants to show it to his neighbors who believe in millions of years.  



My daughter has used both the Ancient Civilizations and Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries. These were the best two years of history she has ever had.  She RAVES about this program to everyone.  Just last week while she was at a cafe with a friend, she was talking about how great it had been.  A homeschool mother sitting at another table overheard the conversation and contacted me.  She said that she had never heard any child talk about loving their history like that and asked about the program.  

Maria Foster


We LOVE it [Diana’s curriculum]! It is working wonderfully with my 14 year old who does not like to read.  The first day, he was not wanting to start a new book.  We took turns reading aloud the article and portions in the Bible about creation, him just doing what he had to in order to get finished.  Half way through the article, he piped up with “I think” such and such about what it said, and then later, “well I don’t think that” such and such about another statement, and so on through the rest of the article.  It was amazing how engaged he suddenly became in the process.  He even repeated some of what he learned to his Dad later.  




My twelve year old has been so inspired by our lessons that he has been reading the Bible non-stop.   He follows me around the house recounting old testament stories and researching how much the gold and silver would be worth today that the Israelites looted from their enemies.  




My daughter (12), who learns well any way you teach her, did her usual good quality work all throughout the first 3 phases. When we got to phase 4 she REALLY blossomed.  She has enjoyed this week so much.  She can’t wait to get to the computer to work on her “secret” project and she is also working on staging to put on a show for dad at the end of the week.

This curriculum is a blessing to us.  Thank you!!




From Susan Spann, attorney and author

Diana Waring's World Empires, World Missions, World Wars was the perfect choice for our college-bound high school senior. Diana's unique, multidimensional approach brings the subject alive in ways other textbooks cannot, and transformed history from one of our son's least favorite subjects into something he truly loves. World Empires helps him relate historical events to advances in technology, science, and the arts, and opens the door for discussions that transcend mere history lessons. I cannot recommend it highly enough.


From Lori Watson, www.homeschoolreviewsandmore.com

While this may appear to be a traditional program on the surface, it is anything but. The heart and soul of this study is the combination of viewing God as central to our understanding of history and viewing our students as individuals created by God with different strengths and styles of learning…

We received the box, I opened it up, and my heart fell. Ugh. Textbooks. I hate textbooks…this was not going to work. But I’d promised to work through the first unit with my kids and that’s what I was going to do. By the end of Unit 1, we all agreed that this was the choice for the fall. My upcoming high school junior asked if he could join us in our history studies next year!   We loved it! 


From Susanne Reid 

Loving Our Children, Loving Our Homeschool Diana Waring shows us the way to an Abundant-Life Homeschool

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The premise behind History Revealed is to teach history as HisStory. Diana has developed the material so that students would understand history from God’s point of view. With great enthusiasm and humor, Diana shares her love of God and history in a manner that is contagious to children…


The beauty of History Revealed is its design… History Revealed is masterfully structured for those who depend on a curriculum for detailed direction, yet it allows freedom and creativity for those who tend to feel trapped by structure. Additionally, families using this curriculum could teach several children in varying grades concurrently. Families can study together but complete different assignments relevant to each student’s grade level and learning style. The curriculum meets the needs of every learner and instills a joy of learning HisStory.



From Robert Tracy McKenzie

Professor and Chair Department of History Wheaton College

“I heartily recommend Diana Waring’s Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries…Waring’s love of God, passion for history, and heart for home-schoolers infuse every page.  I admire her sensitivity to students’ diversity of learning styles, and I marvel at the breadth of resources and variety of exercises that accompany every chapter.  Above all, I applaud her realization that history is so much more than the memorization of names, dates, and events.  Students will find her enthusiasm for history infectious and her approach to the past inspiring.  


From Stacy Farrell, creator of Philosophy Adventure, www.philosophyadventure.com

Some years back, while preparing to teach World History for the first time in a co-op setting, I scoured bookstores and libraries to find the best of the best history resources. That’s when I discovered Diana Waring… Diana combines substantial gifts in researching, synthesizing, writing, and dramatizing to deliver one of the most fascinating and powerful history curriculums available today. We never learned this “stuff” when we went to school!


Diana Waring’s passion for learning and teaching pulls students and teachers alike into the process of discovering how the Bible is not merely the supreme book on morality…but is also the incomparable authority on history. Students who complete this program are likely to emerge with a love of ancient history and new respect for the historical accuracy of the Bible.



From Dr. Paul A. Hawkins      

International lecturer on The Biblical Foundations of Education currently Educational consultant, East Java, Indonesia


Over the past decade I have watched Diana Waring’s work in the development of a Christian history. It uniquely is worthy of passing on to the next generation. Her depth of research, her commitment to reinterpretation of the past actions and interactions of nations, and of political and religious leaders, and her depth of insight on the ways of God in the affairs of men, has led me to highly recommend her work…It is extremely rare to find a person who sees history from God’s point of view because the entire educational system, even in many Christian institutions, has only seen history from man’s perspective. As a lecturer on the biblical foundations of education over the past forty years (over twenty nations on every continent) I have seen the devastating fruit of teaching history with man at the center rather than God. Ms. Waring changes that.

When a child begins to see God’s intervention in man’s activities, suddenly it becomes valuable and the motivation to learn develops almost exponentially. Ms. Waring gives you the tools and facts that will work toward bringing your children to a biblical Christian worldview and will work toward teaching them to ask how God is actively involved in their personal history…You will love being informed by her work.  



From Glenda Embree, reviewer, blogger, and experienced homeschooler

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From Catherine Levison, Charlotte Mason expert and professional homeschool author and speaker:

" CM moms ought to love History Revealed!!" 

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