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Add-A-Century Timeline

Add-A-Century Timelines ~ Homeschool History Teaching Tools

Every convention season we have multiple requests for a timeline recommendation. Now, while our History Revealed Units each have timeline suggestions built in, and while they are perfect for students who want an easy resource to jot down key people and events, yet some families look for that bigger, hands-on experience. Well, here you go Add-a-Century Timeline — a wonderful way to build a timeline without using up your whole living room.  This timeline is so customizable! It becomes the perfect complement to Diana Waring's History Revealed curriculum because it puts the parent and student in the driver's seat.  You print the history characters YOU want and stick them on.  It's that simple! 

So, if you are one of those parents just itching to use a timeline, the wait is over! If you have one of those students who learn best when their fingers are involved, the solution is here! Go to and pick up one of Add-a-Century's amazing and flexible history timeline books. Get started with a history activity that lures kids in.