History Workshops

Exposing the Wizard of Oz— A Christian's Guide to Teaching History

The essential crash course for every homeschool parent. Discover insights from Diana's research behind the events of history. Share her wisdom for teaching history. Do you wonder, "Whom do I trust and what do I read to know real history?"  Diana will equip YOU, regardless of your curriculum, to find your way through the challenges. She will lead you to a path you can follow in discovering treasures of history with your family.



Glimpses of Glory 

Can we fallible and finite human beings see the fingerprints of God in history? Are there examples from various times and various cultures that show the unmistakable handiwork of the Creator/Redeemer God? Does history have more to teach us than mere dates, names and places? For an intriguing look at the Story behind the stories, join Diana for this adventure-filled recounting—which could change your life!



History Via the Scenic Route

Are you tired of force feeding history to your children? Does history make them yawn?  Or, do you have one ofthose hungry-for-history type students who would devour far more than you could ever dream up to provide?  Diana Waring will take you on an extraordinary learning adventure as she shares how to make the facts come alive and the learning go deeper!  Join Diana for her "sit-on-the-edge-of-your-chair-in-suspense" history approach — using literature, music, art, science, cooking, and more — that has captivated home schoolers across five nations. 


Why the World Went to War

When World War One began, the soldiers expected to finish off their enemy and be home by Christmas. That was the common perception, which we know today was gravely naive. What circumstances and personalities led to that "war to end all wars?" And in what ways to did this war give rise, only two decades later, to the unthinkable—an even deadlier and longer world war—despite the politicians' determination to avoid World War Two?  Join Diana as she unravels the many historical twists and introduces the significant players that forever changed the world.