Homeschool Workshops


Actively ENGAGE Learning & Actually ENJOY Learning!

One of the biggest questions people ask is, "How do I get my kids to finish their school work?"  The deeperquestion is actually, "How do I get my kids to be self-motivated?"  We will examine the answers to these critical questions, and look at specific ways to encourage and assist our children in developing ownership of their education.  We must learn the critical difference between controlling and directing; between pushing and releasing; between coercing and facilitating.  It is the essence of a master teacher who says, "I can not teach you how to do it, but I can help you learn to do it."  This is an interactive and practical workshop that you can put to use immediately!


Beyond Survival

Join Diana as she shares a very transparent description of the beginning days in her homeschooling, includingthe struggles and failures she experienced as she unsuccessfully tried to create school at home. Learn how she went from "barely surviving" to finding great joy on the journey with her children, and discover the practical and spiritual insights which will allow you and your own family to thrive in homeschooling.  There is life here — Diana brings not just theory but over twenty years of in-the-trenches experience with her own children, along with insights gleaned from homeschooling families around the world. 


Box Free Living 

Rather than raising children to follow formulas and live according to somebody's standards of behavior, let'steach them using loving, biblical discipleship, and then have them "follow me as I follow Christ."  And, rather than trying to force your home schooling to look like someone else's, let's learn to hear from the Lord just what is best for your own family. Instead of falling victim to preconceived judgments, from ourselves or from others, learn to find God's way for you in this home schooling journey.

To give a sense of the depth of  communication presented here — You know how pastors are all concerned about healthy relationships and want their people to experience love and support? Well, pastors commonly tell Diana this is her most important workshop and that it needs to be presented Everywhere.


Got Teens?

What a challenge!  What a blessing!  What a reward! But what do we, as parents, do to see the blessing and to harvest the reward?  This practical, hands-on workshop looks at vision, opportunities and  counsel in your teenager's life through such issues as:  what we can do, through school subjects and training, to prepare our unfolding young adults;  how do we home school when the subjects get harder;  why we should study worldviews with them? .  .  .  and much more.



The Indispensable Ingredient

The most important element in your curriculum is — are you ready for this? — YOU. Diana has been there,knows what you are experiencing, and has talked with many others in your position. She will express your heart's cry that your children would grow in character and knowledge, and encourage you that you can get it done. Through Diana's transparent examples and practical suggestions, this workshop will help you understand the pivotal role you play as a mentor, a model, and a facilitator in your child's education.



The Key to Education is Relationship

Experts in learning tell us that one of the BEST predictors of educational success is having a positive relationship between student and teacher. Translated for homeschooling parents:  if we build healthy, happy relationships with our children, they will be able to thrive educationally. It goes far beyond desks and multiplication tables, however. For us, it encompasses every aspect of life—since our students are learning with us 24/7!  Often we teach, react and parent out of fear which produces feelings of failure and guilt. These negative feelings can impact and even damage those relationships, which in turn affects our children's learning. Discover how to grow these significant relationships as well as say "Goodbye" to those feelings of fear, guilt and failure. Join Diana for an insightful and practical workshop that will give you tools for building and improving these critical connections with our kids.


Not Just Your Average Genius

 In this fast-paced, easy-to-understand workshop, you will distinguish three different grids that impact the unique way each one in your family learns:  learning modalities (visual, auditory, kinesthetic); learning styles (Feeler, Thinker, Sensor, Intuitor); learning intelligences (interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, spatial, math-logical, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, naturalist). Discover how to honor (not go crazy because of!) that wiggler in your midst; how to create a rich atmosphere for learning that will attract every learner; how to utilize your children's strengths to learn subjects that are hard for them; most importantly, learn that God delights in the incredibly individualized mechanisms for learning inside each of us! With this insight, including new research on intelligences, you will be able to adapt your teaching strategies AND choose your curriculum wisely.



The Well-Kept Secret of a Biblical Education

 The Bible is our plumb line, our standard of knowing truth.  Most Christians intrinsically understand that it isradically different than what our culture tells us, but how much have the prevailing culture and our own school experiences influenced our views on education, even in homeschooling?  This powerful message, from an international speaker and twenty-plus-year veteran of homeschooling, will provide you with a foundational and scriptural framework for truly grasping and understanding education — the content and the means — from a Biblical perspective.


Things I wish I'd Known (for moms only)

Having homeschooled three children, who are now all in their twenties and beyond, Diana has an almost limitless list of things she wishes she'd known about homeschooling and parenting! Come and learn from her mistakes, which are told in the unique style of transparent humor Diana is known for.  Take home some answers she discovered, and take in some hope for your own walk.  Prepare to laugh (and, perhaps, cry) and to emerge refreshed.