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I have had the great pleasure of listening to Diana speak several times.  I love her presentations because as she is speaking, she is drawing the listener in…catching our interest, tugging on the heartstrings, piquing our curiosity, and encouraging us along the way.  As a homeschooling mom herself, she cheers us on at the sidelines, walking with us, keeping us going and offering practical advice to help us catch a very relational vision of what true education looks like, and giving us permission to bless and nurture the amazing individuality that God has designed within each of our children.  Her presentations are always fresh and inspiring and I always find that I am greatly blessed by the messages she shares.

Carrie C., Marysville, WA


Diana Waring is a speaker/teacher/home schooling veteran who shares from the platform with an entertaining ease that readily engages her audience.  Her influence is positive.  Her message is both purposeful and credible.    Diana masters uniquely effective presentation methods that guide her audience through more technical topics without losing them in details.  Her ability to personally connect creates a desire in the listener to fully absorb concepts she presents.    Diana’s colorful, delightful approach  also provides a refreshment not often seen in this field.  

Valerie D. Felder, NSA

Professional Speaker


I heard Diana speak on "living outside the box" in Peoria.  That talk changed the way I saw myself and my children – and we have all enjoyed life so much more because of it!  The way in which she told the story of the Good Samaritan reminded me that I need to be willing to get dirty – my children (and others) are worth it. 

Sue P., Godfrey, IL



Your workshops have been an inspiration to me, especially Average Genius. When I saw this workshop I could finally see what my learning style is. And I loved the illustration with the ducks. It made it easy to understand, and now I can see how to change the way I'm learning to fit my learning styles better. Thank you very much

Seth M., age 15


I recently attended the SHEM Conference in Springfield, MO. I went to several of your seminars and had a great time! I was able to get some great tips and lots of encouragement. Thank you so much for sharing so openly and with such a great sense of humor. It was just the boost I needed to be ready for another great year homeschooling!

Debbie Lane


You were helpful to me as I was a conservative Christian public school teacher for 5 years before trying homeschooling. The idea that I could free myself from the way I had done things as a classroom teacher was amazing and revolutionized my homeschooling. We do things so differently now.I try to "free" other moms from the "school in a box" mentality that so many have because they struggle so much with it. And for what? I especially remember you telling us to look for the gifts and talents our children have and to encourage them along those paths. That was advice I've used to guide my kids ever since. So, thank you for making that trip to Sandy Cove. For me, it was a priceless week. 

Sandee R.


I felt Diana did a great job! She shared appropiarately with humor sprinkled throughout, as well as retaining the attention of her audience…she captures the imagination and essence of history from a Christian perspective and simply wowed me with her recent presentation in the Pelican State.  I'm completely at awe with how she makes what most consider a bland topic more of a bases loaded home run hit with her audience.  As I compare her presentation with others I've heard during innumerable conferences, I can unequivocally state Diana's style, grace, and ability to connect makes her the prototype speaker and I look forward to hearing from her again soon.  

E. Lee Felder, Jr. homeschooling father, USAF Veteran officer, B.C., M.S., PHR, CM