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Well-Kept Secrets of
a Biblical Education 

by Diana Waring

Audio CD – 80 minutes

What makes an education biblical? How does it differ from other forms of education? What did God intend for us as parents and teachers in this vital area of education?

Join Diana for this thought-provoking, dynamic 80-minute seminar where we look at the necessary ingredients of revelation, relation, and participation in education that is truly Christian.

This disc is also offered, at a discount price, with the purchase of any of our curriculum packages

Retail Price: $9.95



Diana's Convention Workshops


Beyond Survival Workshop 
On audio CD!
Diana Waring



Diana's best-selling book became a best-loved workshop, often requested at homeschool conferences around the country. This brand-new, studio recording sparkles with all the laughter, liveliness and insight that has endeared her to homeschool families of all walks of life, all over the world. It is perfect for parents new to homeschooling, considering it, or for those looking for encouragement in their homeschooling endeavor. Join her on a remarkable journey, Beyond Survival. 

Retail Price: $9.95




Box-Free Living Workshop 
On audio CD!
Diana Waring



In response to many requests, we've released this classic Diana Waring workshop, now on audio-CD. This live-audience presentation of Box-Free Living describes Biblical parenting without the destructive emphasis on making rules and comparing ourselves to each other. Parents, in their wonderful effort to find structure and success, often fall back on habits and rules and the comments of others, focusing on molding their children's behavior instead of caring for their hearts. Diana transparently and humorously shares her own history of mistakes and epiphanies to help your family discover life motivated by love and not boxed in by those destructive forces. You will enjoy lots of great stories, funny, sad and victorious, from the Good Samaritan to Corrie ten Boom.

Retail Price: $9.95




Heroes of the Faith Workshop 
On audio CD!
Diana Waring



Her husband's favorite, this workshop combines Diana's love for homeschoolers with her joy in historical figures as she aims her famous storytelling skills toward four revered Christian heroes. Their lives and their faith have inspired generations of Christ-followers in ministry, but Diana applies their special callings to the issues of parenting and education: what can homeschool families learn from these ordinary people whom God used in extraordinary ways? This often-requested workshop, originally recorded on cassette before a very quiet audience, is now released on CD. The "Heroes of the Faith" include George Muller, Amy Carmichael, Eric Liddel (famous from the movie "Chariots of Fire") and Gladys Aylward.

Retail Price: $9.95




Hilarious Homeschool Workshop 
On audio CD!
Diana Waring



Need to lighten up? For many years, families have been rollicking in Diana's zany sense of humor. Her "Hilarious Homeschool Workshop" offers parents simple tools to invite and cultivate good-natured fun in their homes. This re-edited seminar on CD contains Diana's secrets to relishing the joys of life with your family: the victory of humor, how to tell a joke, how to make a safe environment, ideas for locating side-splitting situations, and more anecdotes and giggles than you can shake a snake at. (That's a joke — if you didn't get it, then you need this recording.)

Retail Price: $9.95



Church Music

All Glory, Laud, and Honor

Seventeen centuries of Christian Hymns

The Hymns to accompany Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries


This is a worshipful, glorious album of church hymns from the Early Church to the Great Awakening! Designed to be used by families in home worship, by families in the study of Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries, or by those who simply desire to listen to Christian meditative music. Exalt our God together with the music of the ages, in all new arrangements by Mary Beth Cecil. Produced by Roger Treece. Professional, accappella vocal music.

"The majestic setting of these accapella hymns beckons us to array ourselves around the throne and worship in spirit and in truth. If you're looking for something to reinvigorate your walk with Christ, look no further." 
George Grant, author of more then fifty books and director of the King's Meadow Study Center

Retail Price: $9.95




Really good stuff.

Diana's twenty+ years of studying education, combined with her fun-loving, unconventional approach to presentations, uniquely qualifies her to deliver this liberating message on the nature of being "smart". From Syracuse to Seoul, Diana's Not Just Your Average Genius has inspired audiences on four continents. Students of all ages, disciplines and cultures have raved about this workshop's humorous approach to learning. In response to our customers' demands we've filmed it before a live audience and now offer it to you.


From the audience: Your workshops have been an inspiration to me, especially Average Genius. When I saw this workshop I could finally see what my learning style is. And I loved the illustration with the ducks. It made it easy to understand, and now I can see how to change the way I'm learning to fit my learning styles better.

Thank you very much,
-Seth M., age 15


Really affordable.

Only $14.95.


Really great topics:

  1. Learning modalities (visual, auditory, kinesthetic)
  2. Learning styles (Feeler, Thinker, Sensor, Intuitor)
  3. Learning intelligences (interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, spatial, math-logical, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, naturalist)
  4. Discover how to honor (not go crazy because of!) that wiggler in your midst
  5. How to create a rich atmosphere for learning that will attract every learner
  6. How to utilize your children's strengths to learn subjects that are hard for them
  7. Most importantly, learn that God delights in the incredibly individualized mechanisms for learning inside each of us!


Retail Price: $14.95 (Unless you select it in a history collection. Then it is only $5.00!)