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A Homeschool Classic!!!                                                           Beyond Survival: A Guide to Abundant-Life Homeschooling     by Diana Waring

Beyond Survival gives you the preparation and working plan for a successful homeschooling experience. With confidence and compassionate humor, Diana Waring leads you on a joy-filled educational journey.  

"My mom bought this book back in the 90s when she started homeschooling myself & my siblings. Decades later, it is my turn and as we made the choice to homeschool, my mom gave me her book and said "Read this!" I did and what a wonderful book that is relevant, inspiring and helpful. It has a permanent spot on my nightstand so in those foggy days I can flip to my favorite spots. I plan on saving the book to pass down to my daughters when it is their turn. A homeschooler must have." Andrea   Beyond Survival offers practical help with the real questions of homeschooling and provides you with an extensive list of proven resources by various authors.

  • Understand learning and teaching styles
  • Survive your first homeschool convention
  • Learn to teach art even if you can't draw a stick man
  • Juggle multilevel teaching with ease

Diana Waring, author, musician, composer, playwright and conference speaker, is a graduate of Western Washington University. She lives in Indiana with her husband Bill. Diana has been educating homeschool parents for over twenty years. We've uploaded the following to help you discover more of what is inside Beyond Suvival: A Guide to Abundant-Life Homeschooling:  




Reaping the Harvest:                                                                             The Bounty of Abundant-Life Homeschooling                                               by Diana Waring

Got teenagers? Here's help. Reaping the Harvest, the sequel to Beyond Survival, teems with cool anecdotes, like blue water in the sink and sharks in the swimming hole, but even better, it is full of great support. Here you find the journey of homeschooling high-schoolers. The real life experience, joys, sorrows, and witty advice characteristic of all Diana's writing sparkle from cover to cover, bringing encouragement and wisdom and a huge sigh of peace and relief. Reaping the Harvest continues that conversational, across-the-coffe-table style of writing from Beyond Survival, inviting you to sit and share. You will find hormones, money, becoming grow-ups, time together, food, discipliing, and a great intro to the eight intelligences, among much more.   Diana will gently guide you through some of the "messiest" parts of raising your kids.  


Jen McDonald There are a few books I consider must-haves for a homeschooling library. Beyond Survival, by Diana Waring, is one. Her follow-up book, Reaping the Harvest: The Bounty of Abundant-Life Homeschooling, is another one I’d recommend; it may even be more important than her first book. I am not exaggerating when I state that this book completely changed how I viewed my children and homeschooling. Jen McDonald Managing Editor at Home Educating Family Magazine To read the full article click here, then click back here to read more.

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Part One:

"Till the Ground" by building relationships with your children — sometimes love is messy.

Part Two:

"Sow the Seed" in their hearts — even though sometimes learning is messy.

Part Three:

"Reap the Harvest" and realize the dream of the future — while life is messy, it's worth it.

(Click the following link to read an independent blog review of this book: Multiple Intelligences and Diana Waring « Changed By Love)

Also this from an email:
I chose "Reaping the Harvest" after skimming through its pages.
How much that book speaks to my family right now I cannot even begin to tell you.  You have yet saved another family from the prison pit of legalism!  After I read the list of "manmade rules" to my husband,  he exclaimed, "Are you sure you didn't write this!?!"  Throughout the last ten years, we have become more and more focused on outward things.  Home birth, check.  Homemade bread, check.  Only natural and sugar-free food, check.  Only ultra-conservative Christian books, music, or movies, check.  Long hair, check.  Control-based parenting, check.  Only friends like us, check.  A plan to keep our girls at home until they get married, check.  Miserable and fearful, check.  The only 'outward' rule I've had trouble with lately is the clothes one.  We've been really tight financially and haven't been able to exchange our pants for jumpers, skirts, and dresses.  Thank God!

Your book is awakening from the dead a person that I used to be and bringing delieverance to my family.  How much happier and filled with freedom our few days have been since starting that book.  For the first time in years, I now look forward to the day upon wakening.
Kathleen D.

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Things We Wish We'd KnownCompiled & Edited by Bill & Diana Waring  

Q: Who do parents turn to with questions about homeschooling, whether they're novices, long-timers, or just testing the waters?

A: Experienced homeschoolers. Who better to answer the questions arising from any serious endeavor than those who have been there, done that, and found a better way? In Things We Wish We'd Known, Bill and Diana Waring, author of Beyond Survival and Reaping the Harest, make available to you the time-earned secrets of fifty veteran homeschooing families. Coming from pioneers and leaders in the homeschooling community, Things We Wish We'd Known will become an indispensible guide and inspiration for your own journey. Discover how homeschooling works in unique family situations and far-flung locations.

You will laugh, cry, empathize, and be strongly encouraged as you read such authors as:


  • Karen Andreola
  • Valerie Bendt
  • Michael & Susan Card
  • Sally Clarkson
  • Kathy von Duyke
  • Tina Farewell
  • Vicky Goodchild
  • Margie Gray
  • Wade & Jessica Hulcy
  • Steve & Jane Lambert
  • David & Shirley Quine
  • Cam Leedahl
  • Debbie Strayer
  • Monte & Karey Swan
  • Debbie Ward
  • Diana Waring and more…

We have uploaded the following to help you discover more of what is inside Things We Wish We'd Known:

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