Welcome to my homeschool blog, which offers insights into loving learning, loving your family, loving history, loving homeschooling, and enjoying your life! With your cup of coffee in hand, take a break to laugh with me, to have your heart refreshed, to be reminded of how cool your kids really are, and to consider the amazing adventure of being a homeschool mom. AND, if you are interested in the History Revealed curriculum, be sure to check out my Teaching Tips!

Teaching Grammar (Part 4 of 3 R’s)

Teaching grammar is a must! It provides the foundation and building blocks for writing. And, if you’re like me and you never learned much, now is a great time to learn! I somehow missed this subject, or at least most of it, as I moved from school to school during

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Writing and Spelling (Part 3 of 3 Rs)

Writing and spelling are another aspect of the Three R’s. If your kids love to write and are great at spelling, then move on to the next blog, which is on the third “R” — arithmetic. If that’s not your situation, I’ve got another story. It had never occurred to

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Struggling To Read (Part 2 of 3 R’s)

Do you have a child who is struggling to read? If so, I have a story for you. If you have ever met a high school graduate who says, “I will NEVER crack a book again as long as I live!!”, and you ask them why, you may discover something

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Teaching a Child to Read (Part 1 of 3 Rs)

As a young homeschool mom, I thought that teaching a child to read must be as difficult as learning to speak Swahili. This was my first great hurdle to jump if I was to continue homeschooling my children, so I pored through the catalogs available to us in 1986, searching

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How Much? How Fast?

​As a young homeschool mom, I attended a support group meeting in October. One of the other moms (a very confidant, capable woman) happily announced, “We’ve already completed 3/4 of our year’s curriculum!” My heart sank as my mind silently rehearsed the fact that we hadn’t made it out of

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January 2023

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