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History Revealed Testimonials

Anything can sound good when you read carefully worded advertising, but the question is, does it REALLY work? Here are several homeschool parents and students sharing their thoughts and experiences of my History Revealed curriculum.

Sound intriguing?


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Winning Traits of Homeschool Dads

Winning Traits of Homeschool Dads

This Father’s Day, June 19, we will celebrate dads. Today, I’d like to share the top 3 traits of homeschool dads:

    • Understanding his kids
    • Investing in his kids
    • Being intentional at home

To bring it to life, here are three of my favorite stories—all from New Zealand!

1) Understanding his kids

At a homeschool meeting in Rotorua, NZ, I was asked how to deal with the frustration kids faced in learning to write. As I tried to pull together some relevant thoughts (since teaching history is area of expertise, not writing), a Maori dad asked if he could share his thoughts—which were brilliant. (Read about it here) What impressed me most that day was that dad had obviously spent time considering the challenges his children were facing. . . He had put himself into their shoes in order to understand why it was difficult to learn, seeing things from their point of view.

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chris james
Superb blog shared!!! Being a dad this post has definitely encouraging me to understand kid and wins their heart .Thank you for gi... Read More
Thursday, 20 April 2017 06:09
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Awkward Kids, AMAZING Adults!

Do your kids drive you crazy? Are they always saying the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing, acting in ways that are so. . .childish??? Here's a perspective that will dramatically change the way you view—and enjoy— them!

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Can a curriculum do this?

Can a curriculum encourage relationships and engage students? IF it is designed to bring the family together and IF it works with different kinds of learners, then the answer is YES!! Let me explain. . .


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Fostering Creativity and Imagination

Fostering creativity and imagination

A few weeks ago, I saw a man with his two young grandkids walking next to a flowing creek in the woods. The children held their nets in great anticipation as they eagerly scrambled over logs looking for tadpoles. It was such a perfect picture of the delight and joy of childhood, and I drank in the sight. . .until the grandfather barked, “There’s nothing there. Let’s go.”

It’s so common in our hurry-hurry grown-up world to blast right past our children’s curiosity and play, isn’t it? In our greater knowledge of the world, we inform them, “That will never work,” “No such thing exists,” “That’s a waste of time.”

And, in that moment, our kids lose a bit of their curiosity and wide-eyed wonder at the world.

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