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Move It or Lose It

In this final article on Learning Modalities—visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (three routes by which new information can be received by our brains)—it’s important to note that we can use any or all of these approaches. However, when things are difficult to learn, one particular approach will be easier for an individual.

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Your Child Might Not Be What You Expect

Scene 1: ​The lake. My husband and I are inveterate, if amateur, water fowl watchers.We delight to observe the junior high antics of coots, the intensely punk look of mergansers and the aerial fishing techniques of osprey. But, among all the birds we commonly see, none is more stunning nor elegant

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Self Smart — Intrapersonal Intelligence

  Today begins an eight-part series on how God has made each of us smart. Now, you might be thinking, “Oh, well, maybe YOU are smart, but I’m not. . .and I have the grades to prove it! Uh-huh.  I understand! And I beg to differ. You are smart.  And

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People Smart — Interpersonal Intelligence

Are any of your kids “the life of the party”? They seem so comfortable interacting with others, so at home in conversations, so happy to be in the midst of the crowd. Do you ever wonder, “How do they do that??” or, maybe, “Why do they that??” It’s because they

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Number Smart — Math/Logical Intelligence

Do you thrill to the elegant precision of mathematical formulas? Do you love to do calculations in your head? Do you enjoy reconciling your bank account? If so, you are strong in the Math-Logical intelligence—you are Number Smart! Schools tend to recognize and reward just two ways of being smart—Word Smart and

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