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How to Teach What They Hate

In a conversation on FaceBook, one homeschool mom asked me, "How do you tackle subjects that a kid might hate, but they have to take? In our current situation it's Algebra. I feel like we can barely get through it, let alone make it fun."That is SUCH an important question! In order to find a good, workable solution, we first need to do some discove...
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Ancient Civilizations & the Bible Online Course

If you and your students are considering my Ancient Civilizations & the Bible online course, here are some of the highlights!We will explore the ancient world interwoven with Bible history, including: Rise of civilizations; Biblical connection with ancient Egypt; Israel emerging as a nation and then dividing; How archaeology and the Bible help ...
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Sharing Your Passions with Your Kids

Your kids don't automatically absorb your love of a place, a food, or a subject area. As parents, it's our privilege and responsibility to gently introduce them to these things in such a way that they, too, can begin to know and love what we hold precious.Here's a story to illustrate.Many years ago, I was speaking to a group of homeschooling parent...
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Turning Facts Into Meaning

How do we turn the academic "facts" into something our children can actually understand? What makes those facts become something usable, practical, memorable? When we discover the difference between teaching "facts" and giving our children meaningful interaction with knowledge, their curiosity—and our homeschooling—will flourish!But how do we do it...
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Your Child Might Not Be What You Expect

Scene 1:​The lake.My husband and I are inveterate, if amateur, water fowl watchers.We delight to observe the junior high antics of coots, the intensely punk look of mergansers and the aerial fishing techniques of osprey. But, among all the birds we commonly see, none is more stunning nor elegant in its self-presentation than the graceful cormorant....
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Bonnie B.
I absolutely loved this one!! I've been taking the time this past school year really honing in on "who" my child is. This was such... Read More
Wednesday, 24 May 2017 11:55
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