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Thoughts on Teaching Writing

To teach writing, it's helpful to see how professional writers do what they do.So, with the background of having written or contributed to 17 published books over nearly 30 years, let me share a few tips: "Write what you know" is great advice. A well-written piece, like a delicious stew, requires "simmering" time. Learning this skill grows step-by-...
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Skills for Homeschool Moms: Part 3

Third Skill—Becoming A Master-TeacherIn the past few blogs, we've looked at the way a wise and workable routine makes homeschooling easier and how creating a learning environment will invite children into deeper levels of learning.The third skill that will transform homeschooling from a dreaded or ho-hum experience into a much anticipated acti...
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Belinda Compton
Thank you for the encouragement! I am a homeschooling grandmother with a grandson who has learning challenges...FAS, APD and SPD. ... Read More
Tuesday, 13 February 2018 08:59
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Skills for Homeschool Moms: Part 2

A few weeks ago, I posted the first of 3 skills that will help you become more intentional in homeschooling—finding a workable routine. Today is the second post on this topic.Second Skill—Creating the Learning Environment Along with having a routine that gives you structure AND freedom , homeschooling improves as you learn the skill of creating a h...
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Skills for Homeschooling Moms

On Facebook, a homeschool mom asked me, "I am working on finding more clarity and intention behind homeschooling. . . Could you please share the three main skills you believe have helped you the most?"Such a great question!! And, honestly, a pretty weighty one, too.In discussing it with a veteran homeschooling friend, Nelly, some very practical con...
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Time for a Change?

I love the beginning of January because it’s fresh and new—anything is possible! It’s also a great time to ask yourself: Is it time for a change? In this fresh year, we all think about trying something new, making new plans, and, as homeschoolers, we can even think about making a change in the way we teach our kids.

  • Here is a question that may help you evaluate whether you need to make a change:

Are my children thriving or am I pushing them through the school day?

If you consistently, day after day, hear comments—"Mom, do we HAVE to do this?" "Mom, I'm bored!" "Mom, why do we have to do school?"then it’s good to evaluate the materials AND the method you are using.

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