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Meeting another Von Trapp!

Previously, I blogged about my unexpected introduction to Rosemarie, the eldest daughter born to Captain and Maria von Trapp. You can read it here. But, surprisingly, that is not my only experience meeting the von Trapp’s. At a homeschool convention a few years ago, I was presenting History Via the

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The Idea That Started It All

Have you ever wondered where speakers come from?  I mean, how do THEY get to stand up and speak THEIR minds? What motivates someone to do what most consider the scariest activity on the planet—speaking to an audience? Well, I can’t answer for most speakers, but I can share a

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A Story of Restoration

For the past few weeks, I have been sharing back stories for the 62 bloggers on our Experience History Through Music launch team.  By request, I would like to share it with you: So, more back story. . .this one brings us up to the present—with a bit of a

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Reenvisioning Me

 Last month, I came to the realization that I had no idea what I looked like.  No, I am not talking about my nose or eyes or height. . .the mystery of my mien (def: person’s look or manner) went a little higher.  The root of the matter, frankly, was my

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Our children engaging their own education—a true story!

Writing might not be your child’s passion, it might be mechanics or science or swimming. . . But whatever it is, if they engage it, they will work harder than you can imagine—and find rewards far beyond an “A” on some test. In January, 1999, my thirteen year old daughter,

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December 2022

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