Pondering our Priorities in homeschooling

When we consider how—or if—we are going to accomplish all the things on our to-do list (especially as we consider the upcoming school year), we need to ponder our priorities.

Here are four steps to help you:

Step One.

Ask yourself these critical—though often overlooked—questions:

To ponder these questions means you take time to consider the big picture. Here are five big picture points:

      1. Ask yourself what is important to you, to your family.
      2. Think about about where you want to end up, about the goals you have for your family, about the future you envision.
      3. Ask yourself what you want to include on this homeschooling journey.
      4. Ask your kids what is important to them right now, what they would enjoy doing in this coming year, what their dreams are for their future.
      5. Seek the input of others—spouse, friends, family.

Step Two.

Now, gather up all the richness being generated with these ideas—from your pondering, from your children, and from what others have shared. Open your journal or lesson planner and write down some specific answers to the critical questions listed above.

Really. Write them down. It will provide you a written reminder for those days when you’ve lost sight of the big picture.

Step Three.

With your written answers in hand, consider your overall timetable:

Remember, just like Rome, homeschooling is not built in a day. Rather, it’s accomplished over a series of days, weeks, months, and years. Having the longterm view in mind, as you face the daily challenges, changes your perspective!

Step Four.

Plan your to-do list. If your to-do list looks like the following, you may want to reconsider your priorities in this season of life:

It might be more reasonable to start with something like this:

With your answers to those critical questions, with a workable timetable, and with a reasonable to-do list, you will be prepared to sort out and accomplish YOUR priorities!