American History and Civics Online Course


This course covers American history from just prior to First Contact through the Civil War.

  • This course will provide one year’s high school credit for American history and one-half year’s credit for Civics.
  • Students will watch Diana’s recorded lectures at the beginning of the week, then meet online on Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. (Eastern) with Mrs. Kristen Johnson for student participation in discussion, Q&A, sharing projects with the class, and more. The course will be held for 35 weeks, beginning August 31st (Wed classes).
  • See detailed course information below for events, ideas, and developments covered in this exciting journey through American History and Civics (Year One)
  • Class is limited to first 18 to sign up
  • Curriculum for course is included. Computer, webcam, and headset/microphone are not included.

Course Description

On a schedule of 35 weeks, we will explore American History and Civics, interwoven with church history in America, including:

  • Three continents and First Contact;
  • North American colonization to the American Revolution;
  • Articles of Confederation to the Constitution, with America’s First President;
  • Jefferson, Political Parties, and the Louisiana Purchase;
  • The Era of Good Feelings, the “5 Civilized Tribes,” Slavery, and Missouri Compromise; 
  • Presidential Power, Trail of Tears, Protective Tariffs, and the Whig Party;
  • Rise of Sectionalism, Abolition, and the Economics of King Cotton;
  • Manifest Destiny, War with Mexico, and Oregon Territory;
  • Compromise of 1850 through the Civil War.

This is Year One of a two-year American history/civics course. Year Two will be added in 2023. 

In Year One, we will seek to understand the people, events, and changing dynamics of America by learning the historic context, by asking pertinent questions, by examining historic documents, and by walking in kindness and humility towards the people we “meet” in history. We will also view Christian events and personalities in each time period we are studying, to gain a better sense of how this influenced and impacted American history.

There will be rich discussion time, fascinating student projects, an honoring of various people groups, and an exploration of conflicting political ideas as Americans sought to create something new in the world.

The curriculum upon which this course will be based will be available to students in the course via recorded lectures, primary source documents (pdf), and assignments in the Learning Management System (Canvas).



Once a week, 60 minute class sessions.

Wednesdays meet at 1:00 p.m. EST (August 31—May 24) (except for holidays)

Computer, internet service, headset, dictionary, and notebooks for taking notes are not included.


“Diana’s enthusiasm for her subject matter is matched only by her heartfelt desire to instill a love of learning in her students. Her engaging manner and the many creative options for assignments help students get not only the “big picture” of history but the nuanced aspects of history’s unfolding drama. I highly recommend her online courses!”

Susan M., online student’s parent

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