All Glory, Laud & Honor A Capella Worship Music CD with Christian Hymns spanning 17 centuries

All Glory, Laud, & Honor: Seventeen Centuries of Christian Hymns

  • Church hymns from the Early Church to the Great Awakening!

  • Designed to be used in conjunction with Romans, Reformers Revolutionaries

  • 14 A Cappella arrangements by Mary Beth Cecil; produced by Roger Treece


Album of music produced by Diana Waring and Mary Beth Cecil This is a worshipful, glorious album of church hymns from the Early Church to the Great Awakening! Designed to be used by families in home worship, by families in the study of Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries, or by those who simply desire to listen to Christian meditative music. Exalt our God together with the music of the ages, in 14 all new arrangements by Mary Beth Cecil. Produced by Roger Treece. Professional vocal music. A Cappella.

Track Titles

  • Track 1: Lord Jesus, Think on Me (Synesius of Cyrene)
  • Track 2: Of the Father’s Love Begotten (Aurelius Clemens Prudentius)
  • Track 3: Father, We Praise Thee, Now the Night is Over (Gregory the Great)
  • Track 4: O God, Thou Art the Father (St. Columba)
  • Track 5: Come, Ye Faithful, Raise the Strain (John of Damascus)
  • Track 6: All Glory, Laud, and Honor (Theodulph of Orleans)
  • Track 7: Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee (Latin, 12th century)
  • Track 8: To Avert From Men God’s Wrath (John Huss)
  • Track 9: All People That On Earth Do Dwell (Psalm 100)
  • Track 10: Jesus, Priceless Treasure (Johann Franck)
  • Track 11: Come, We that Love the Lord (Isaac Watts)
  • Track 12: Jesus, Lover of My Soul (Charles Wesley)
  • Track 13: Jesus, Thy Blood & Righteousness (Count von Zinzendorf)
  • Track 14: Amazing Grace (John Newton)