Middle Ages History Audio CDs Combo Set

CD Combo Pack – Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries

  • Includes What in the World, True Tales, and Digging Deeper CD sets for the Middle Ages through the French Revolution

  • 10 disks in all!

  • Great for auditory learners


What’s Included: Here you can find all three of the Romans, Reformers, & Revolutionaries CD sets – all 10 discs -What in the World?—Volume 2, True Tales—Volume 2, Digging Deeper—Volume 2. What it covers: From the rise of the Church and the Fall of Rome through the Middle Ages, Renaissance/Reformation, the Age of Exploration, Colonization, to the American and French Revolutions, this 3-volume combo brings to life the richness of these 17 centuries. See the unfolding of Church history as it intertwines into the story of Christendom (Medieval Europe), Byzantium (Medieval Eastern Empire), and the Islamic Empire. Hear the amazing stories of early missionaries and explorers, discover the light shining in the “Dark Ages,” and watch the unfolding of the events leading to the experiments in liberty in the American and French Revolutions (which had different foundations and different outcomes).