DVD cover image for Diana Waring Interviews the 8 Kinds of Smart homeschool encouragement DVD

Diana Waring Interviews the 8 Kinds of Smart DVD

  • Short introduction to the concept of 8 kinds of Smart (or 8 Intelligences)

  • Individual video segments, creatively presented, that provide a broad description of each Smart in an entertaining way

  • Specific information on how to nurture each of these smarts in your children

  • Created in collaboration with Dr. Kathy Koch, author of 8 Great Smarts

Did you know that there are 8 different kinds of Smart? We tend to think people are “smart” if they are good with words or numbers—but what if our students are smart in art? Or music? Or sports? Learning about the different ways people can be smart allows you to recognize, appreciate, and nurture the strengths of the children in your lives.

Track Titles

  • Introduction to the 8 Great Smarts (with Dr. Kathy Koch)
  • Body Smart
  • Word Smart
  • Nature Smart
  • Picture Smart
  • Number (or Logic) Smart
  • People Smart
  • Music Smart
  • Self Smart