Reaping the Harvest homeschool encouragement book by Diana Waring

Reaping the Harvest: Bounty of Abundant-Life Homeschooling

  • The follow up to Beyond Survival focuses on teens and how to guide them

  • Diana Waring's real-life experience of the joys, hardships, and challenges of homeschooling teens brings encouragement and wisdom

  • Conversational writing style with an understanding of hormones, money, becoming grown-ups and the eight intelligences

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Got teenagers? Here's help. Reaping the Harvest, the sequel to Beyond Survival, teems with cool anecdotes, like blue water in the sink and sharks in the swimming hole, but even better, it is full of great support. Here you find the journey of homeschooling high-schoolers. The real-life experience, joys, sorrows, and witty advice characteristic of all Diana's writing sparkle from cover to cover, bringing encouragement and wisdom and a huge sigh of peace and relief. Reaping the Harvest continues that conversational, across-the-coffee-table style of writing from Beyond Survival, inviting you to sit and share. You will find hormones, money, becoming grow-ups, time together, food, disciplining, and a great intro to the eight intelligences, among much more. Diana will gently guide you through some of the "messiest" parts of raising your kids.