Ancient Civilizations & the Bible Teacher Guide

  • Simple structure and weekly lesson plans

  • Comes with a variety of tools to make your homeschooling job easier

  • Structure can be modified to your child's particular needs to give them a better learning experience


The Ancient Civilizations and the Bible Teacher Guide offers simple structure, weekly lesson plans, and painless ways to make sure your students are getting the most out of their studies—along with a host of tools to make your job easier. Unlike standard curricula, this Teacher guide supplies a structure that can be easily modified for the particular needs of your students, helping to spark their discovery and exploration the amazing events of ancient times.

List of Chapters

  • Unit One: Creation & The Flood
  • Unit Two: The Rise of Civilizations
  • Unit Three: Egypt & The Exodus
  • Unit Four: The Children of Israel
  • Unit Five: Assyria & Babylon
  • Unit Six: The Persians & Medes
  • Unit Seven: Greece & The Hellenists
  • Unit Eight: The Rise of Rome
  • Unit Nine: Jesus Christ, Immanuel