Ancient Civilizations & the Bible Essentials Pack

  • Essentials Pack includes: Teacher Guide, Student Manual, What in the World Volume 1 CD Set, Test Kit, Rubric Set, Quick-Start Guide and Basic Lesson Plan

  • Save more than $20 on the Essentials Pack rather than buying these materials separately!

  • Explore antiquity through a biblical perspective, including: Creation, the Flood, the Tower of Babel, rise of civilizations from Egypt to Rome.

  • Easily incorporate Bible, geography, art, architecture, music, creative writing, drama, world literature and more into your study of history.


Why buy the Ancient Civilizations & the Bible Essentials Pack?

All you need to “open and go” is included:

  • Quick Start Guide to help you easily navigate through the 4-Phase structure;
  • Basic Lesson Plan to give you confidence for each week’s activities;
  • Teacher Guide to provide helpful background information, suggested resources, motivating suggestions, and much more;
  • Student Manual to introduce each era, offer multiple topics for further exploration, encourage hands-on participation, and invite creative expression;
  • Rubrics Set to help student know what is expected, and to help parent/teacher evaluate the student’s creative work (qualitative assessment);
  • Test Kit to allow students to demonstrate what they’ve learned (quantitative assessment).

For value-conscious homeschoolers, save money and time by purchasing Essentials Pack rather than each individual item. Ensure that students use a curriculum that includes Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic activities. (If students like audio products, they would also enjoy True Tales Vol 1 and Digging Deeper Vol 1.)

List of Chapters

  • Unit One: Creation & The Flood
  • Unit Two: The Rise of Civilizations
  • Unit Three: Egypt & The Exodus
  • Unit Four: The Children of Israel
  • Unit Five: Assyria & Babylon
  • Unit Six: The Persians & Medes
  • Unit Seven: Greece & The Hellenists
  • Unit Eight: The Rise of Rome
  • Unit Nine: Jesus Christ, Immanuel

Product Testimonial

"In general, the phases allowed my more artistic daughter to integrate her creativity into a project that she really enjoyed, and forced my more analytical son to use some brain muscles that often remain dormant in a traditional textbook format.

Since I haven’t used your curriculum before, I found the new Quick Start Guide very beneficial as a general overview of your approach to history study, particularly the breakdown of the 4 phases to each unit.

The Teacher Guide offered lots of detailed information about the learning styles present in each student/child and how those styles are exercised in the four phase unit study. This is helpful to the homeschool teacher not only for history study, but informs all other subjects as well! If I as a homeschool mom can identify my children’s areas of strength and weakness as learners, I will be a much better educator throughout our homeschool years!!

The Basic Lesson Plan guide, which gave the option of a 3-day or 5-day study week, was crucial to being able, as a new user of your curriculum, to jump in with confidence. There is always a learning curve with new curriculum, but we were able to successfully navigate the chapter the kids chose for our trial run with the Lesson Plan’s guidance. 

Also, the new Rubrics Set are the crowning jewel, giving the homeschool educator the tools and confidence to grade creative projects fairly and accurately! This is so important for the students too!  Knowing exactly what is expected and how they can create a successful project takes the guesswork out of the process while injecting a sense of confidence and purpose. This is especially important for those students, like my son, for whom a creative project is more intimidating than a written test."

~Nelly D., homeschool mom