Lesson Planner for Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries world history curriculum from Diana Waring

Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries Lesson Planner

Available August 2018 !

  • Daily lesson plans—easily coordinates material from Teacher Guide, Student Manual, and audio CDs

  • Offers daily lesson plans to integrate elementary students, using material from Elementary Activity book

  • Provides the structure for your family to enjoy a One-Room schoolhouse experience!

  • “Make It Simple” feature for those who need fewer choices sometimes


One of the richest elements in homeschooling is the opportunity to learn together, which is why each of the History Revealed curriculum titles includes a multi-grade, multi-disciplinary approach. Many homeschool moms, though they dream of having the whole family learn together, do not know how to put it into practice. Our new Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries In-Depth Lesson Planner gives you the day-by-day steps for making your dream a reality.

Your Lesson Planner includes:

  • Integrates 5th-12th grades and Pre K-4th
  • Year at a Glance
  • 9 Month-at-a-Glance pages
  • 9 Books-and-Materials-List pages
  • 9 One-page-article summaries
  • 36 Week-at-a-Glance pages
  • 180 Daily Lesson Plans for 5-12
  • 180 Daily Lesson Plans for Pre K-4
  • Daily plans include 8 Kinds of Smart
  • Convenient Record Keeping
  • Integrates Learning Styles
  • Coordinates with Student Manual and Elementary Activity Book
  • Coordinates with Teacher Guide
  • Coordinates with Rubrics Set
  • Coordinates with Unit Tests
  • How to give HS credit for multiple subjects