Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries Student Manual

  • Covers the Roman Empire to the French Revolution while exploring the growth of the church throughout the world

  • See the impact of technology, medicine, philosophy and art on nations

  • Study the igniting of wars of religion, watch monarchies grow, and travel through previously uncharted regions


Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries – an idea-packed, multidisciplinary, family-style study guide to help make your study of history come ALIVE! From the Roman Empire AD 30 to the French Revolution AD 1799, your students will explore the explosion of the church of Jesus Christ throughout the world; the exploration of uncharted regions, the ignition of wars of religion; they will watch as technology, medicine, philosophy and art sweep nations into bitter turmoil and proud independence. Through it all, God is moving behind the scenes to accomplish His purposes, inviting kings and peasants alike into His kingdom. 

List of Chapters

  • Unit One: The Rise of the Church and the Fall of Rome
  • Unit Two: Missionaries & Barbarians
  • Unit Three: The Byzantines & the Muslims
  • Unit Four: The Holy Roman Empire & the Vikings
  • Unit Five: The Crusades & the Mongols
  • Unit Six: Seeds of Reformation & the Late Middle Ages
  • Unit Seven: The Renaissance & the Reformation
  • Unit Eight: Puritans, Pietists, & the Divine Right of Kings
  • Unit Nine: Revivals & Revolutions