homeschool history curriculum creative projects grading rubrics for history revealed by Diana Waring

Rubrics Set

Rubrics for Grading Creative Projects in the History Revealed Curriculum

  • 11 specific rubrics designed for each Phase and every creative project!

  • Easy-to-use evaluation for parent/teacher

  • Helpful tool for students as they create projects

  • Information on how to assign grades using rubrics

  • Designed for use with all three History Revealed programs: Ancient Civilizations & the Bible; Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries; and World Empires, World Missions, World Wars

Rubrics provide a tool that allows you to fairly and objectively evaluate your student’s work. It has specific criteria that will be used to grade the student’s assignment. And—just as important—it allows students to know exactly how their work will be judged.

Each rubric has several criteria listed. Each criteria is described for you and your student, such as "Title provided, 1 point" and "Written explanation or summary connecting your artwork to history, 1 point."

When it comes to giving grades and creating transcripts, rubrics can help both you and your student! For more, please read Diana's blog: Why Do Great Teachers Use Rubrics?

Please note:  Rubrics Set is included with the Essentials Packs, so no need to purchase separately with those.