World Empires, World Missions, World Wars Test Booklet

  • Two-page test for each unit in the front section—answers provided in the back

  • Objective evaluation of material learned 

  • Helpful extra to assess student's understanding (quantitative assessment)


The World Empires, World Missions, World Wars Test Booklet allows an objective evaluation of material learned in the INTRODUCTORY materials — the CDs and article — of Phase 1 of each Unit. This product offers a two-page test for each Unit in the front section, and suggested answers to each question in the rear section, all bound in a booklet. Do not consider it necessary unless your state, or your school, needs a portfolio of this type of evaluation. Alternatively, there is a very helpful section in the WWW Teacher Guide describing how to fairly assess the variety of activities your students might engage throughout the Phases of the WWW book. This Test Booklet is not referenced in various Units of the book; it is available as a helpful extra.