Ancient Civilizations and the Bible



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Student Manual


Ancient Civilizations and The Bible  – an idea-packed, multidisciplinary, family-style study guide to help make your study of ancient history come ALIVE! Your students will explore Creation, the Flood, the Tower of Babel, and the rise of civilizations from Mesopotamia to Rome.  They will see God's purposes worked out through His chosen people, Israel, culminating in the birth of the Messiah, Jesus Christ. 4004 BC – AD 29. 

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Teacher Guide

The Ancient Civilizations and the Bible Teacher Guide offers simple structure, weekly lesson plans, and painless ways to make sure your students are getting the most out of their studies—along with a host of tools to make your job easier.Unlike standard curricula, this Teacher guide supplies a structure that can be easily modified for the particular needs of your students, helping to spark their discovery and exploration the amazing events of ancient times.  

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What in the World? Volume 1 — 4 CD set
From the time of Ancient Civilizations & the Bible

Join Diana Waring on this eye-opening tour through fascinating archaeological discoveries. You will see the movers and shakers of antiquity in their hair-raising adventures, get that behind-the-scenes view of controversies between prevailing opinion and Scripture, and discover God's mighty hand at work among various historical cultures in the times from Creation to Jesus Christ.

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True Tales Volume 1 — 3 CD set
From the time of Ancient Civilizations and the Bible

Presented in a story teller's enthusiastic manner, this 3-CD set contains short vignettes of history. Topics include:  the amazing proofs for a young earth, vivid realities about "early man", the significance of the Table of Nations, Indiana Jones-style adventures for the discoveries of Ninevah, Ur and Troy, the mysteries of the Rosetta Stone unraveled, the incredible discovery of the ancient Hittite civilization, the Biblical prophecies concerning Jesus fulfilled.

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Digging Deeper Volume 1 — 3 CD set
From the time of Ancient Civilizations and the Bible
Diana has investigated three remarkable subjects for this set: Noah's Ark, the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the coming of Jesus Christ at The First Christmas. What happened at the Flood? How did they live on the Ark? On 7-Wonders, discover some tingling facts such as: how the curtain from the Temple in Jerusalem may have ended up in Olympia; how Alexander the Great offered to pay for the completion of the temple of Artemis; how the body of Mark the Evangelist was stolen out of the city of Alexandria. And, in this very special presentation on the Birth of Jesus, you will examine the circumstances surrounding the miracle of the First Christmas from historic documents of Josephus, ancient rabbinic writings, modern archaeological discoveries, and more. 

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Elementary Activity Book — K-4th

The Ancient Civilizations and the Bible Activity Book provides a wonderful tool to help children learn about God's faithfulness in history with activities at their own level, including: pictures to color,  maps & mazes, simple crafts and science experiments, crossword puzzles, Somewhat Silly Songs to Sing, Going Goofy Games and more.

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ACB Test Booklet

The seventh title for the set allows an objective evaluation of material learned in the INTRODUCTORY materials — the CDs and article — of Phase 1 of each Unit. This product offers a two-page test for each Unit in the front section, and suggested answers to each question in the rear section, all bound in a booklet. Do not consider it necessary unless your state, or your school, needs a portfolio of this type of evaluation. Alternatively, there is a very helpful section in the ACB TEACHER GUIDE describing how to fairly assess the variety of activities your students might engage throughout the Phases of the ACB book. This Test Booklet is not referenced in various Units of the book; it is available as a helpful extra.

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AJourneyThroughLearning-AncientCivsandBible Binder-Builder

Binder Builder

Designed to be used with Diana Waring's Ancient Civilizations & the Bible curriculum, this unit-by-unit accessory is a lap-booking, note-booking tool for students—providing a creative approach to enhance their experience.

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ACB Upgrade Pack (white)


ACB Upgrade Pack

Includes Quick Start Guide, Rubrics Set, and Basic Lesson Plan. Adding this collection of supporting materials, which is included in the Essentials Pack, will assist parents with grading, planning, and getting started with the curriculum. This makes the "behind the scenes" of daily homeschooling a breeze.

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Essentials Pack — Collection of books and CDs

AC KitAncient Civilizations & the Bible
    Essentials Pack
1. Ancient Civilizations & the Bible Teacher Guide
2. Ancient Civilizations & the Bible Student Manual
3. What in the World Vol 1 CDs
4. Ancient Civilizations & the Bible Test Kit
5. History Revealed Rubrics Set
Plus Quick-Start Guide
and Basic Lesson Plan

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Add Supplementary Titles

  • True Tales CDs forAncient Civilizations & the Bible ($19.97)
  • Digging Deeper CDs forAncient Civilizations & the Bible ($19.97)
  • Bonus dvd: Diana's Not Just Your Average Genius ($5.00)
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  • Extra copy of Ancient Civilizations & the Bible Student Manual ($29.97)
  • Ancient Civilizations & the Bible Elementary Activity Book ($12.97 each)