Students Explore Topics They Choose

When you think of “history,” what comes to mind:

    • Wars, rulers, and conquests?
    • Rote memorization of names, dates, and places?
    • Boring, dusty facts with no relevance to your life?

Or, perhaps, this comes to mind instead:

    • A history teacher who told fascinating stories that you still remember vividly?
    • A book about a person or event that was so interesting, you couldn’t stop reading it?
    • A photo of a structure so astonishing—like the pyramids of ancient Egypt—that you couldn’t wait to learn more about it and the people/techniques behind it?

If your experience with history has been mostly the boring and irrelevant type, welcome to a way of learning history that includes fascinating, vivid, interesting, and astonishing things for all kinds of students!

How Is This Possible?

Watch this homeschool mom describe how using History Revealed curriculum made all the difference in her kids’ experience of history!

Our curriculum soars beyond the traditional “read and answer questions” approach, inspiring students to seek out their passions. In offering many different options for what they can explore, our curriculum gives students the chance to really dive in to what interests them. And, in a family with three children, for instance, you’ll quite possibly see each one choose a different topic to explore—three distinct historic people or events, and then each student sharing, narrating, or demonstrating an interesting insight that will enrich and enliven the experience for everyone!

Through this unparalleled exploration, many families have shared that our curriculum has brought a newfound joy to their homeschooling experience. The idea of having fun while learning history may sound like a fantastic tale, but it is a reality that our curriculum brings to life. If you seek to transform your homeschooling journey, “History Revealed” is the perfect guide to lead you on this incredible adventure.

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Ancient History Curriculum

Beginning with the creation of the world, this curriulum title continues—with a constant focus on Jewish history—all the way to the early Roman Empire; and the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.



Middle Ages Curriculum

How was the world changed by the resurrection of Jesus and the birth of the Church? In this title, we examine the fast-growing movement of Christianity throughout the known world—and weave it into the history of the 1st through the 18th centuries.


Modern History Curriculum

In the modern era, what part has Christianity played in bringing hope and new life to a suffering world? Though it's not all good news, people inspired by the Spirit of God have given everything to serve others. With this constant reminder of God's loving-kindness, we tackle some of the the most difficult times in world history.

Online Courses with Diana

If your student would enjoy being part of an online class, this year we are offering Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries, and, also World Empires, World Missions, World Wars. I "teach" through recorded lectures, while a kind, generous teacher handles the live classes.

American History Through Music

Though they seem quite "out of fasion" in our modern culture, these are books with American folk songs and the stories behind them. Learn a bit of American history and experience the joy of America's folk songs. Great fun for singing along!

World History Audio CD's & Mp3's

If you love listening to stories (at a rapid pace!), you'll LOVE these audio recordings. Even if you are using a different curriculum for history, these audio recordings will add so much more depth and WOW-factor!