Charlotte Mason Approach to History Revealed Curriculum

Our History Revealed curriculum’s unique approach to teaching and learning shares similarities with Charlotte Mason’s approach. For those of you that are Charlotte Mason fans/followers, this article provides an explanation of how you could fit the two together—using History Revealed with a Charlotte Mason twist.

Catherine Levinson, Charlotte Mason Expert

We asked for help from Catherine Levison, our nearby Charlotte Mason expert (though we have found her lecturing in far-flung corners of the country). Our request was that Catherine consider to what extent Diana’s approach overlapped, or meshed together with, or could be used in conjunction with, the structures, attitudes, activities and schedules of a typical Charlotte Mason-oriented family.

Catherine created a schedule for us that integrates the Charlotte Mason approach to studies with the approach Diana devised under her mentors, particularly Lois LeBar and Rosalie Pedder. Catherine uses the 4-Phase schedule utilized in Diana’s history materials and fills it up with the language and activity appropriate to a Charlotte Mason-directed understanding. She bases her response on the years of extensive research and day-to-day application with her children that she pursued in studying the CM way.

A Charlotte Mason Approach to History Revealed

Catherine’s workshops, articles, books and seminars are based on her extensive research into and application of the teaching methods and educational philosophies of Charlotte Mason.

There are two elements to education: “how” to teach and “what” to cover. History Revealed by Diana Waring does the work for you. It gives you everything you’ll need in the way of “what” to study, even providing much of the information.

Both the Charlotte Mason method and Diana’s approach incorporate chronological order, original eye witness accounts, art, field trips, plays and costume making, student illustrations, time lines, map work and the always important “spring-boarding” to literary books.

Both approaches use hands-on learning, avoid boredom and bring history alive. Charlotte Mason parents will immediately recognize compatibility in many elements with which they are already familiar.

Both Charlotte Mason and History Revealed structure use the short lesson approach.

See Charlotte Mason Schedule

Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation in the Charlotte Mason method is enjoyable and brief. The parent will locate a piece of art – in History Revealed, these are already named – that correlates with one of the key people or the time period. These art pieces can often be found in large art books borrowed from the library. When the schedule calls for Art Study have each student look intently at the art. It is that simple. No need to lecture or in any way explain or prepare. Remove the art from the students and have them describe what they saw. The parent may look at the art while listening to the descriptions. There are also art projects described in History Revealed for further, oriented, enjoyable activity.

Book of the Centuries

Charlotte Mason families are acquainted with the Book of the Centuries and simple time lines, whether purchased or homemade. They are also familiar with CM’s unique spelling technique, the use of eyewitness accounts and narration. All of these are easily compatible with Diana Waring’s History Revealed curriculum.

Scheduling Core Subjects

History Revealed recommends the key idea of doing your mathematics and other core subjects in the morning and leaving the history lesson for the end of the day’s timetable. This works well with the CM method in two ways.

First, by using the Charlotte Mason Schedule here you will be able to incorporate Art Study, spelling, narration and much more into your history lesson.

Second, following this rich variety of suggestions allows history study to spill over into the daily “free time” that is so vital in a CM home. If the children are excited and engaged with some of the hands-on projects, then taking further time with them works well. This would be an extremely good use of time for so many families who struggle to find wholesome activities in the afternoons, evenings and weekends.

Certainly, students have to put in the effort to learn, and that’s good! You don’t want to just give them a book and call it good. The methodology of cooking and music, lots to read, and going places, including handiwork and everything else, gives plenty of options to keep all variety of learners thoroughly engaged, and Mom keeps her sanity. CM moms ought to love History Revealed!

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