World History Premium Packs

History Revealed Premium Packs

Each Premium Pack contains all the products for that title, including:


  • Student Manual (Book or PDF)
  • Teacher Guide (Book or PDF)
  • Elementary Activity Book (Book or PDF)
  • Lesson Planner (Book or PDF)
  • What in the World (CD or Mp3)
  • True Tales (CD or Mp3)
  • Digging Deeper (CD or Mp3)


  • Test Kit (Booklet or PDF)
  • Rubrics Set (Booklet or PDF)
  • 8 Kinds of Smart (DVD or Streaming)
  • Quick Start Guide (Chart or PDF)
  • Plus single CD/Mp3 or Mp4 (Well-Kept Secret; All Glory, Laud, & Honor music; or Darwin & Scopes audio).