A Biblical Framework

History is not a recurring cycle of random events, nor a strictly academic subject. It is one of the major places where we catch glimpses of our loving, wise, and faithful Creator working in our world—particularly through Jesus, our Redeemer.

Have you noticed that, in reading about history, there are opposing viewpoints on most any person or event you can name? How do we find our way through? Especially as Christians, where are the guardrails and the guidelines for wisely approaching this study?

In the History Revealed curriculum, we value the importance of connecting chronologies, tracing ideas in history, and seeking God’s heart as we look at unfolding events in each culture and generation.


Connecting Chronology

In Ancient Civilizations & the Bible, we look at the interconnectedness and overlap between biblical history and several other ancient histories.

In Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries, the chronologies of  church history and “secular” history are interwoven side by side.

In World Empires, World Missions, World Wars, we consider the impact of world missions and revivals on the events of the 19th through the mid-20th centuries.

Tracing Ideas

When we trace the influence of the plans, purposes and goals of various people throughout history, it provides us with:

  • A sense of how these ideas do have consequences in the real world,
  • And, we can see more clearly the impact of Christianity on the countries of the world through the centuries.

Seeking God’s Heart
in History

As we look for evidence of God’s work in history, we discover:

  • Ways to see God’s character, His faithfulness, love, and mercy displayed in the pages of history,
  • And, the opportunity to apply what we learn in our own life.
Young people reading the Bible

History Revealed — "Bible Saturated!"

“I appreciate that this curriculum is Bible saturated, and that kids are assigned Bible passages to read that help them think about historical events from a Biblical perspective. I enjoy that it is very thorough, yet provides time to do fun projects while challenging older students.  My kids like that there are choices for them to study topics that interest them, and I don’t mind that as a parent because it’s done in a way that ensures students get good coverage of the topic. I definitely recommend this curriculum.”    Melissa, homeschool mom