Online Courses with Diana

Beginning August 27, 2019, let Diana’s engaging and dynamic teaching style bring history to life for your student! Diana will personally teach three online courses, providing opportunities for your students to delve deeply into world history … explore related topics of their choice … and creatively express what they have learned, including group presentations and other exciting projects!

Each online course will provide:

  • One high-school credit for world history
  • Excellent college prep for ALL types of learners
  • Easy-to-use learning platform
  • Warm, welcoming environment where every student is respected
  • Both live and written opportunities for class-wide discussions
  • New skills in working online — including creating and uploading PowerPoint slides
  • Creative opportunities for group projects and presentations
  • Wide variety of project options, including art, music, games, drama, and cooking
  • Classroom structure with deadlines, tests, and grades

Click on the image below for the Online Course you are interested in to learn more and register:

Online Course for ACB
Online Course for RRR
Online Course for WWW

"Diana's enthusiasm for her subject matter is matched only by her heartfelt desire to instill a love of learning in her students. Her engaging manner and the many creative options for assignments help students get not only the "big picture" of history but the nuanced aspects of history's unfolding drama. I highly recommend this class!" ~Susan M.

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