Different Smarts/Different Learners

Do you remember the scene in the Incredibles movie, where Dash is told, “Everyone is special, Dash,” and he replies sadly, “Which is another way of saying no one is. . .”?

Here’s where reality outshines Hollywood: Each of our kids—and us—is SMART! Our quest is to discover which blend of SMARTs they are, and what that looks like for their education.

They’re not only SMART, though, our kids also approach learning in various ways. Knowing something about this can solve lots of problems and overcome many obstacles in the path of learning.

This collection of articles on different kinds of SMART and other learning differences comes from decades of homeschooling, being mentored by international educators, and reading vast quantities of books on learning theories (including brain research).

Don’t be overwhelmed! Just choose one that looks interesting, and start there.