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  • One Graduate's Thoughts on History Revealed

    Beginning in 6th grade, Elizabeth used Diana Waring's world history curriculum through high school, then earned a university degree in history. She believes that Diana's approach not only gave her success in her studies, but enhanced her ability to think creatively.

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  • Learning can be an adventure!

    In the History Revealed curriculum, we make history come alive! Diana’s whirlwind audio tour of history—What in the World? CDs—starts students off with an enthusiastic introduction. The Student Manual takes you deeper through geography, art, music, science, and culture. The Teacher Guide provides background information, 8-Intelligence activities and more.

    Our curriculum invites every student to experience a unique adventure in learning—one where they choose what they find fascinating to study.

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  • NEW! Experience History Through Music!

    Have you ever wondered what happened to singing songs like: Buffalo Gals, Sweet Betsy From Pike, Erie Canal, and Yankee Doodle?

    In these three new titles, not only will you hear some of the best-loved American folk songs, but you'll discover the stories behind the songs—stories that bring that slice of Americana to life. American history has NEVER been this fun!

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  • Honoring ALL Learners

    One of our core values is to honor—and enjoy—ALL learners. My children taught me this lesson many times, in many ways, including the time we were invited to join in an unusual science adventure...

    If we understand that each person is wired uniquely in how we learn, it will make a huge difference in the lives of our kids. Read more about it in my blogpost, Kids Are Not Alike.

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  • Featured Blog Post: Learning Like a Buffalo, Part Two

    Gazing at the IMMENSE hole of a buffalo jump in Beulah, Wyoming (as described in the previous post), I suddenly saw a relationship between making it easy to process buffalo for winter and making it easy for kids to learn. To explain, let me start with a few questions...

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Your family is unique. Your kids are distinctive. We value and honor that. Our biblical world history curriculum and American history folk-song products allow students to thrive in their learning experience. Our homeschooling books & CDs allow you to enjoy the journey. That’s why we’re here.

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