World History Curriculum

History Revealed World History Curriculum

Diana Waring’s History Revealed is a world history curriculum that makes history memorable and exciting, while encouraging relationships and engaging students!

The world history curriculum is divided into three time periods:

Ancient History

Ancient Civilizations & The Bible: Creation to Jesus Christ

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Middle Ages

Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries:  Roman Empire to the French Revolution

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Modern History

World Empires, World Missions, World Wars:  Napoleon to the Korean War

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Curriculum Cycle

The History Revealed world history curriculum is designed for you to be able to do each historical period in one year (or longer if you choose) and may be abbreviated if needed to cover in a shorter timeframe.

Each historical period is divided into 9 units. Each unit is design in a 4-week cycle. All 9 units can be covered in a typical 36-week school year. After covering all three historical periods, families can dig deeper into some or all of the eras for further study.

Grade Levels

The core of the curriculum in each section is designed for study with students from grades 5 through 12. An Elementary Activity Book is also available to introduce kindergarten through grade 4 students to the curriculum, either in conjunction with the Student Manual or as a separate resource.

History Revealed World History Curriculum Key Features

  • Presents many opportunities for students of all learning styles to thrive.
  • Develops critical thinking skills in a Charlotte Mason style Unit Study approach.
  • Different levels of projects and books allow multiple ages to learn together  … Grades 5-12 with main curriculum and kindergarten to grade 4 with the Elementary Activity Book
  • Reusable in a 3-year cycle – students can advance to new levels and explore new interests
  • Learn history from a Bible-centered approach.
  • Ancient Civilizations & the Bible integrates events and people of the Bible with the study of ancient civilizations from Creation to Jesus.
  • Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries integrates church history into “secular” history, from the first century A.D. through the American and French revolutions of the mid-late 1700s.
  • World Empires, World Missions, World Wars integrates the modern missions movement into the modern era, beginning with Napoleon at the end of the 1700s and continuing to the beginning of the Cold War and the Korean War in the early 1950s.
  • Give high school credit for history plus possible credit for geography, creative writing, research writing, music appreciation, art appreciation, world literature, and more! (Possible credit based on hours spent and work completed in subject area.)

Testimonials about History Revealed

Lori Watson, homeschool blogger

“While this may appear to be a traditional program on the surface, it is anything but. The heart and soul of this study is the combination of God as central to our understanding of history and viewing our students as individuals created by God with different strengths and styles of learning.”

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Is Diana Waring’s History Revealed world history curriculum is right for your family?

Designed for the whole family

Our curriculum is designed so that all your children can study the same time period and learn some things together while doing different grade appropriate activities. Our Student Manual is designed for 5th through 12th grade and our Elementary Activity Book is a companion book designed for K through 3rd or 4th grade…that is one of the ways that little ones and older ones can learn together.

Multidisciplinary Approach

This curriculum doesn’t only teach history. History Revealed incorporates a focus on the geography, music, architecture, art, literature, science, and more from each time period. This multidisciplinary approach enables students to make meaningful connections among these disciplines. Students being to understand the arts and sciences within their historical contexts.

Our world history curriculum is not a complete science, literature, or art program. These elements are explored as part of the analysis of a historical time period. However, within the structure of the History Revealed curriculum it is possible to earn a second or third high school credit by giving extra attention to some of these elements.

Book Based

This curriculum is not simply a textbook! Each period of the world history curriculum includes a Student Manual, which includes an introductory article to read for each unit. However students are expected to select books from the extensive recommended resources section and from the library for each unit. The use of “living books” is an important part of our curriculum.

Teacher Friendly Curriculum

Our world history curriculum is designed to ease the burden of extensive preparation. That work is done for you in the History Revealed Teacher Guides. Our goal is to set you free!

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Individualized for Students

This curriculum is uniquely structured to allow students to learn in the way that they learn best and enabling them to develop their unique gifts. Our goal is to empower students.

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Biblical Worldview

Our goal is to help you see God’s heart. So our world history curriculum is written from a Biblical worldview. Everyone talks about the importance of having a Biblical worldview. Diana uses it.

History Revealed implements a Biblical, Protestant, evangelical understanding in the writings and recordings. The curriculum and stories are not written not as a mere recitation of facts. History Reveled provides a uniquely Christian Analysis of world history.

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