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Diana Waring author homeschool history curriculum and homeschool encouragement books & workshops

Diana Waring is one of the pioneers of homeschooling. For nearly three decades she has been an author and speaker to the international homeschool movement.

Diana is the author and publisher of the History Revealed curriculum, the Experience History Through Music series (along with William T. Anderson), Beyond Survival: A Guide to Abundant Life Homeschooling, Reaping the Harvest: The Bounty of Abundant Life Homeschooling, and numerous world history and homeschool encouragement audio CDs.

She is a  curriculum writer, teacher, video blogger, blogger, occasional columnist for The Homeschool Minute, composer, wife, and homeschool mom.

Diana Waring speaks and writes for the homeschool market, bringing encouragement to parents that:

  • Children can be not only loved, but liked (a critical component in homeschooling success)
  • Learning can be far richer and more enjoyable when students engage in the process
  • A powerful motivation is unleashed when we provide various ways to learn the material
  • The study of history is a natural overarching framework for most other subjects, and allows far greater understanding and retention when learned in this way
  • Teaching history in light of God’s involvement in the world not only increases a robust comprehension of faith and history, but impacts the students’ personal faith

Diana’s speaking/writing career began in Tacoma, Washington. in 1989 with her first workshop and product—History Alive! Through Music. Since that time, she has spoken throughout the U.S. and Canada, New Zealand, Australia, England, and in conferences in Scotland, Hungary, Korea, and Thailand. Her first two titles in the History Revealed series have been translated into Korean, along with Beyond Survival and the What in the World? Vol 1 CD set. Along with her three children, Diana has given concerts of American history through its folk music from coast to coast.

Homeschooling her three children until high school graduation provided many of the insights and testing grounds for the educational theories she researched. After winning various academic competitions (such as the National VFW Youth Essay award in 1999), her children attended universities to complete their undergraduate and graduate degrees. One is finishing a Ph.D., one serves in the Navy Medical Services Corps, and one is working on the cutting edge of play design.

Happily married to her best friend from university days, Diana continues to expand her accomplishments, including researching and writing (and recording!) an American history curriculum.

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