Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries Online Course


This course begins with the rise of the Church and fall of Rome, and ends with the American and French Revolutions.

  • Includes: Byzantine, Muslim, Holy Roman, Crusades, Renaissance, Reformation, Elizabethan, and Age of Reason
  • See detailed course information below for events, ideas, and developments covered in this exciting journey through the Middle Ages!
  • Class is limited to first 18 to sign up
  • Materials for course are additional (see required list below).

Course Description

On a schedule of 35 weeks, we will explore world history interwoven with Church history, from the fall of Rome and rise of the Church through the American and French revolutions, including:

  • Early Christian missions taking the gospel far afield;
  • Transition of Europe from Roman to “barbarian” rule;
  • Growth of Eastern Orthodoxy and the Byzantine Empire;
  • How Islam changed the balance of power in the Middle Ages;
  • Charlemagne’s uniting of Europe and the Vikings’ assault on it;
  • Implications of the Crusades and the end results of the Mongols;
  • Beauty of the Renaissance and the freedom of the Reformation;
  • Hunger to explore the world and the quest to conquer its people;
  • Revivals that changed hearts and revolutions that redesigned government.

This course approaches history through the twin threads of human suffering/destruction and God’s redemption/love. We will study this period of history with the expectation that, from time to time and place to place, there will be visible evidence of God’s redeeming power and love at work in people and nations. Therefore, we will stop at various “vistas” along the way to view these examples of God’s heart, particularly as seen during important events in Church history. Rather than a “memorize names/dates/places” approach, students will experience an enriched “storytelling of history” approach, making it something far deeper—a redemptive view of history.

Calendar & Materials List


Weekly 60-minute class begins at 11:00 a.m., EST, Wednesday, September 4, 2024, and meets each Wednesday until May 21, 2025, (holidays excepted).


Note: Computer, internet service, headset, curriculum, audio recordings, dictionary, and notebooks are not included.


“I am currently taking one of her online classes, and if you ever have a chance to take one, TAKE IT!! Her classes are amazing! Not only do you learn a lot, but you connect with other people. Mrs. Waring is the best teacher. She isn’t there just to teach her students, but she actually cares about them. She is always kind and considerate, building us up, showing us ways we could do things better, and she is always so full of joy! You can see how much she loves what she does! If you take her classes, you will have a much better understanding of history, and you will enjoy it the whole time!”

Mattie, student in U.S.

“I would like to thank you for being such a wonderful teacher, motivating students and getting them all excited about history. Doing world history has created many opportunities for our family to discuss and talk about historical events and people …”

Amy Y, online student’s parent in Singapore

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