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History Revealed World History Curriculum

Diana Waring’s History Revealed is a world history curriculum that makes history memorable and exciting, while encouraging relationships and engaging students!

Online Resources

To further enrich your world history studies, we have provided study support materials and extensive lists of Online Resources to support every unit of the History Revealed curriculum!

Free Sample Units

Try out an entire unit—a month’s worth of study—for free! Downloadable PDFs are provided for the printed components you need to take our curriculum out for a test drive!

Curriculum FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked FAQs about the History Revealed Curriculum, which will help you understand the distinctives of this curriculum and why it is beloved of so many families and students. The easy-to-adapt structure and the freedom-to-choose student options we provide, along with the fascinating audio recordings and in-depth articles, are just part of why this curriculum works so well. Feel free to contact us with other questions regarding the curriculum and how it might fit the specific needs of your family!

Reviews and Testimonials

Parents, students, and professional bloggers & reviewers all rave about Diana Waring’s history curriculum and history CDs as well as her resources and homeschool encouragement products for homeschooling parents. Take a look at the reviews and testimonials below to see how History Revealed and other products have taken the homeschooling world by storm!