Homeschool Online Courses by Diana Waring

New! Diana Waring is teaching American History Online

Looking for great online history courses? Beginning August 31, 2020, Diana Waring will be teaching two world history courses and two sections of American history (Year 1). Her engaging teaching style and dynamic approach to learning will bring history to LIFE for your student! Each course provides opportunities for your students to delve deeply into history … explore related topics of their choice which they share with the class … do hands-on projects appropriate to the era, including mapping, art, science, music—even cooking! … and creatively express something they have learned, whether through journalism, music, art, drama, dance, even engineering! If you’ve been looking for something more than average, welcome to our GREAT online history courses!

“Mrs. Waring does not focus on the dates and names of historical events as much as the context and motives behind them. She beckons us, as her students, to look deeper, to ask questions, and shows us how to find answers. She gently leads us through the ups and downs of history, keeping us invested all the while. When Mrs. Waring teaches us, she never fails to have a sparkle in her eye. I love  her exclamations of “Oh, isn’t this amazing?” and “I just LOVE this moment in history!” during her lectures. She finds SUCH joy in teaching, learning, and guiding us!!!” 

Each online course will provide:

  1. One high-school credit for world history or American history (depending on course)
  2. Excellent college prep for ALL types of learners
  3. Easy-to-use learning platform
  4. Warm, welcoming environment where every student is respected
  5. Both live and written opportunities for class-wide discussions
  6. New skills for students — including creating and uploading PowerPoint slides
  7. Creative opportunities for group discussion, projects, and presentations
  8. Wide variety of project options, including art, music, games, drama, and cooking
  9. Classroom structure with deadlines, tests, and grades

Available Homeschool Online Courses

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