Welcome to my homeschool blog, which offers insights into loving learning, loving your family, loving history, loving homeschooling, and enjoying your life! With your cup of coffee in hand, take a break to laugh with me, to have your heart refreshed, to be reminded of how cool your kids really are, and to consider the amazing adventure of being a homeschool mom. AND, if you are interested in the History Revealed curriculum, be sure to check out my Teaching Tips!

The Daily Load

Working I often use the common phrase "what’s on my plate," to describe the variety of tasks, chores, responsibilites and deadlines facing me. Just considering the load sometimes makes me feel defeated before I even start: "How can it all get done? How will I ever find the strength and

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On becoming quotable

After reading and appreciating Winston Churchill’s histories for years, I recently happened upon some online sites which list quote after quote of his most famous sayings. For instance, http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/w/winston_churchill.html Winston Churchill It got me thinking about the qualities that make for an eminently quotable personnage. First, to be a truly

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The deal with growing

Newly repotted rubber tree Many years ago, I was hospitalized with a bad case of pneumonia. Traveling around the country for 10 months can do that to you. In response, our small church in South Dakota graciously bought me a small rubber plant to brighten the hospital room. Normally, I’m

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September 2011
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