Freeing Teachers

The History Revealed curriculum is a framework to help you facilitate learning for your kids—a framework that is both relational and motivational. And, as amazing as it sounds, this framework is actually easy for you, even if you are teaching multiple ages!

Students reading and having imaginary adventure

Easy for You!

With one of our three Lesson Planners in hand, the History Revealed curriculum offers a flexible, yet structured, approach to education:

  • Once you become familiar with the learning “cycle”, you’ll spend about 1-2 hours per month preparing and the rest of the month observing and enjoying what your kids find fascinating in history!
  • You help your students as THEY do the work of learning!
  • Discover the fascinating adventure of history along with your students.

Teach Multiple

Ages Together

With different age students, you can combine any or all of these levels together with the History Revealed curriculum:

  • high school,
  • middle school
  • elementary school

Studying history, Bible, geography, music, art, drama, and cooking works really well because each of these subjects provides opportunities for engaging multiple ages.

With this curriculum, you will discover wonderful ways to brainstorm, discuss, create, and share experiences together.

This nurturing environment:

  • enhances everyones understanding,
  • develops a love for learning,
  • and builds a sense of community!
Mom laughing with kids

One Mom's Experience of Enjoying Her Kids

History Revealed does a beautiful job of allowing our children to learn together, yet it helps them explore and be creative on their own levels. The self-expression projects have got to be listed as number one on my list of favorites.  I laughed at their antics; I clapped for their presentations; I was charmed by their creativity; and I was thrilled to see just how many details and interesting points they were able to remember and clearly show in their projects.  What a fantastic way for the kids to each be challenged on their own levels.

Rhen, a homeschool mom and blogger

Enjoy Your Kids

With a warm and welcoming atmosphere that invites kids to engage their minds, hearts, and creativity, our History Revealed curriculum will help your students flourish in learning.

And, incredibly, YOU get to watch your kids enjoying their studies!

Through the varied lessons, you’ll come to value and appreciate their unique ways and varied interests.

This, in turn, will set you up to be a trusted mentor for their questions, ideas, and dreams.