Welcome to my homeschool blog, which offers insights into loving learning, loving your family, loving history, loving homeschooling, and enjoying your life! With your cup of coffee in hand, take a break to laugh with me, to have your heart refreshed, to be reminded of how cool your kids really are, and to consider the amazing adventure of being a homeschool mom. AND, if you are interested in the History Revealed curriculum, be sure to check out my Teaching Tips!

The Flaw in Hurry Up & Rest

Christmas is over. Whew! All the work and flurry ended a few days ago, and, hopefully, you weren’t so exhausted that you missed the celebration. You may be wondering if this is a time to get some rest. . . Hmmm. School doesn’t start for another week. This in-between week,

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Creating A Family Tradition

Forging a family tradition takes time and effort. . .May my faltering experiences with this bring you hope and encouragement in this season. “Joy to the world, the Lord is come…” As the disbelieving eyeballs of customers and tellers at our local bank peered at us in astonishment, my children

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Is it time for Christmas Break?

Have you noticed that your kids are more fidgety, more distracted, and less enthused about studying Daniel Boone than they were in October? Why is that? Actually, are YOU less enthused about math and science and history right now? Do you find your thoughts running more and more to Christmas—when

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What’s Right with Christmas?

I know. There are a LOT of things wrong with the way Christmas is celebrated in our culture. . . The Christmas merchandising season now begins the day after Halloween; Gift giving is increasingly more harried, hurried, and expensive; . . .to name a few. Santa Claus is more prominent

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December 2015
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