Engaging Students

Do you ever feel FRUSTRATED in school?

Ever just want to give up? You are trying your best, but the connections just don’t seem to be happening. You take a test, and every stitch of memory seems to have vanished.  
Or maybe you remember the facts …

You do great on tests. But there is always that nagging thought in the back of your mind … are you really learning anything? Or do you just have a bunch of data stored up in your brain? 
Perhaps you are always hurrying to finish school so you can move onto the things you really love. 

School is just something you have to do in order to pursue what you do best. You want to design, create, build, experiment … school seems to be in opposition to your nature. 
At some point or another you can probably relate to the feeling that “education” is a fixed standard which you must achieve regardless of your interest, abilities, or life goals.   
Education is education … you’ve got to cross your t’s and dot your i’s just so, or it’s not right. 
But wait a moment … does that make sense? 
After all, you are you! You are not like every other student in the world. You are unique. 
Shouldn’t your education be tailor-made to fit you? 

If God is the one who designed you with your unique learning styles, abilities, goals, and dreams, shouldn’t you be free to purse those through your education? 

That is what we believe learning is all about … creating your own pathway to a life changing adventure! 
Sound fun?! 

The First Step
The first step toward creating your own pathway, is understanding your unique learning styles. What ways do you learn best? Are you verbal? visual? logical? artistic? Discovering your learning style will unlock the door to true, meaningful education. 

Find out more about Learning Styles here

Our curriculum is designed to enable you to pursue learning in ways that are most effective for you.  
The Second Step

Secondly, creating your own pathway to learning involves identifying and pursuing your interests! 
USSR military strategy or Russian ballet … it’s your pick! 

You get to choose the focus for your projects.

Always wanted to know more about the Hanging Gardens of Babylon … or the development of of the tank in WWI … or the music of Beethoven … here’s your chance! 

We’ve set up the curriculum so that the things you love and your “schoolwork” can actually become one! Amazing as it sounds, you will find yourself not rushing to finish school, but finding ways to spend more time on it because, quite frankly, “school projects” don’t feel like school projects any more … they are fun! 

The secret is that when you love something, learning about it is thrilling! 

Our curriculum is designed to help you learn about what you love!  Of course, your horizons will be broadened as you study.  You won’t end up just studying about stained glass or explorers, though, because you will discover new things that you love! 
The Third Step

The third step to creating your own pathway is expressing what you have learned in the way that is most effective for you. 
No more long papers or 10 pages history tests….unless of course that’s what you want! 
How about trying a play on Julius Caesar? Or a graphic design poster for the invasion of the Vikings?  Or an architectural model of the Pharos Lighthouse? Think that might be fun?

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should just go through school painting pictures or writing songs! As you unlock the doors to real learning, you will be stretched. You can begin to make use of different creative expressions.  
What this does mean though, is that you are free to pursue your giftings through your school work, rather than apart from it! 

Most of the time students wait until they get out of high school to really pursue their giftings. They may like graphic design, but they find themselves having to keep up with the rest of their school work so their other interests go to the wayside. But you get the chance to start now! 
Are you starting to feel excited?  Do this make you want to engage with learning? 

School doesn’t have to be boring, frustrating, or stressful!  Instead it can be fun, purposeful, and creative! 

Our curriculum is designed to help you to learn in the most effective and enthralling way possible—so that you will love engaging in your studies, so that you can become all that God designed you to be!


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