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When it comes to history, there are a LOT of strongly held perspectives and quite a few places of controversy. So, how does the “average” homeschool parent (forgive me, you are certainly above average!) navigate through all of these without having to do a graduate degree in history??

For the past 35 years, I’ve been on my own journey of discovery in the area of history. It had always been a source of fascination (one of my favorite courses in college was African history!), but learning how to wisely and carefully guide others through the study of history—while avoiding the pitfalls—eventually became a full-time effort as a student, researcher, writer, and speaker—with the help and counsel of excellent academic historians.

If I can serve you by gently and humbly sharing the wisdom gained in these 3+ decades, it will a great joy.

Below you will find a few videos on History and History Revealed curriculum, along with various articles. It is my great hope that I will be able to add significantly to these collections, as there is SO much to say!

Videos About History & History Revealed

Posts About History & History Revealed

Teaching Tip 7 — Comprehension

Language is one of our greatest gifts, showering us with a richness of communication, of thoughts and ideas, of new horizons and ancient peoples, of beauty and tragedy, of redemption and deliverance. How shallow life would be if we were limited to mere grunts and...

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Teaching Tip 8—The Spiritual Focus

I love seeing whales and birds in the wild, even though it requires a lot of patience. . .and a good pair of binoculars. But, just being in the right place at the right time with a good pair of binoculars does not necessarily ensure success. Why? Because...

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Teaching Tip 9: Pause & Play

Here’s a question for you: How do we engage our kids’ self-motivation? Do you remember what it was like to walk into a classroom where you were expected to sit still, listen quietly, take notes, read the chapter, and take a test? It seldom actually engaged your...

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Teaching Tip 10 — Talk Together

Let’s talk about talking, shall we? Have you noticed that some people are “natural” talkers? They effortlessly put together words and ideas whenever the opportunity arises. For these people, whether young or old, discussion is easy, free-flowing, and not always deeply...

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Top 5 Reasons to Use The Library Teaching Tip #11

Homeschoolers have traditionally used the library. However, so much has changed in the digital world that you may be wondering if it's worth the hassle to pack up the kids, drive to the library, and then deal with all of the books that flood into your home! I think...

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Teaching Tip 12 — Following the Rabbit Trail

Many years ago, we had a basset hound named Max (think sleepy dog, drooping eyes, and s-l-o-w motion). There were only two things that got Max’s attention and caused him to hustle—food and the scent of a rabbit. At that point, we lived in a somewhat rural area, with...

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Ancient History Curriculum

Beginning with the creation of the world, this curriulum title continues—with a constant focus on Jewish history—all the way to the early Roman Empire; and the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Middle Ages Curriculum

How was the world changed by the resurrection of Jesus and the birth of the Church? In this title, we examine the fast-growing movement of Christianity throughout the known world—and weave it into the history of the 1st through the 18th centuries.

Modern History Curriculum

In the modern era, what part has Christianity played in bringing hope and new life to a suffering world? Though it’s not all good news, people inspired by the Spirit of God have given everything to serve others. With this constant reminder of God’s loving-kindness, we tackle some of the the most difficult times in world history.

Online Courses with Diana

If your student would enjoy being part of an online class, this year we are offering Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries, and, also World Empires, World Missions, World Wars. I “teach” through recorded lectures, while a kind, generous teacher handles the live classes.

American History Through Music

Though they seem quite “out of fasion” in our modern culture, these are books with American folk songs and the stories behind them. Learn a bit of American history and experience the joy of America’s folk songs. Great fun for singing along!

World History Audio CD's & Mp3's

If you love listening to stories (at a rapid pace!), you’ll LOVE these audio recordings. Even if you are using a different curriculum for history, these audio recordings will add so much more depth and WOW-factor!