Is it true? Are we all smart? The answer, believe it or not, is YES!

Does that surprise you? If your experience in school was to convince you of the exact opposite, you may want to keep reading. . .

Today begins a series of tutorials on my History Revealed curriculum. Element by element, phase by phase, we are going to drill down into the details.  So, if you are using (or thinking of trying) Ancient Civilizations and the Bible; Romans, Reformers, Revolutionaries; orWorld Empires, World Missions, World Wars, this will be the place to ask questions and find answers.

If you don’t qualify as a customer, but are increasingly weary of treading down a very tired education trail, you are welcome to join us in discovering what happens when you work with your students’ Learning Styles, their 8 Kinds of Smart (Multiple Intelligences), and their interests and passions. These dynamically transform the learning experience.  It’s true.  Kids can actually LOVE learning!

To start, let’s answer the question:  Why is the History Revealed curriculum so different from normal history programs?

Okay, a show of hands:  How many of you enjoy curling up with a good book?  I mean, REALLY enjoy it?

If you could look around this internet room, you would see a number of hands raised.  However, if honesty prevailed, you would also see folks who were grimacing while NOT raising their hands.

And, if we were back in school, the love-to-read folks with raised hands would receive smiling approval from the teacher.  Everyone else would not. . .with the clear message that they were simply not as intelligent as the hand raisers.

But here is the OUTRAGEOUS TRUTH:  this hand-raising exercise does NOT show who is smart and who is dumb.  It simply reveals which ones have a hard-wired gift with words (known as Word Smart or Linguistic Intelligence), and leaves us to discover the gifts (the Smarts) of the others.  I don’t think any learners are dumb. I just wanted to point out the bias curriculums have for people who are strong in Word Smart.

However, there are many ways to be smart.  If we want ALL students to have the opportunity to enjoy learning, we need to include these different ways of learning IN the curriculum.

So, we did.  This is one of many distinctives that make History Revealed different than other world history curriculums.

And it works. Here’s what one customer posted on my Facebook page:

“The blessing for our family. . .was being “reunited” with you and your passion for learning—and we are loving it! We have 11 children from 1 – 17, three of whom are adopted, with all different abilities and difficulties, passions and interests. Over the years, we’ve used TOG, SL, MFW, and HOD. Though we liked aspects of them all, we always found ourselves overwhelmed. This is the first time in many, many years that we all feel like we have found a fit that works for everyone! We are having a blast and enjoying learning together while also having freedom to explore in different directions. Thank you so much for blessing us all with your passion and your vision!”

Next, join me as we consider the first opportunity given to capture students’ attention through a visual, auditory and kinesthetic introduction.