Top 5 Reasons to Use The Library Teaching Tip #11

Homeschoolers have traditionally used the library. However, so much has changed in the digital world that you may be wondering if it’s worth the hassle to pack up the kids, drive to the library, and then deal with all of the books that flood into your home!

I think the answer is YES!!! To explain why, here are my top five reasons to use the library.

Reason #1: Free

I don’t know about you, but free is always a price I can afford. It is there, open and available, for anyone with a library card—regardless of your financial situation. And, unlike a bookstore, it is the same price whether we walk out with one book or ten!

For budget-savvy homeschoolers, the library is one of your BEST resources!

Reason #2: Treasure

Have you ever strolled through the library, searching the stacks for a particular title or subject, when, suddenly, you come across a book you’ve never heard of, on a topic you’ve never studied—and it looks intriguing? Going to the library is a real treasure hunt, with all the excitement and drama of unexpected riches!

For engaging your children’s hunger to learn, the library is a WONDERFUL ally!

Reason #3: Pleasure

One of the most precious elements of childhood is the freedom to read for pleasure. And having a stack of library books, chosen because they look fun to read, introduces a delightful richness to our children’s knowledge base and imagination.

The sheer PLEASURE of reading is enhanced by regular trips to the library!

Reason #4: Skill

The rich environment for delving into topics on one’s own and developing skills to do research in an increasingly thorough manner are enhanced when there is a vast selection of books from which to choose. If this begins in childhood, it becomes a normal aspect of life and learning. The library, including the option to order books from an even wider group of libraries, is one of the best places to learn the skill of looking things up and doing research.

The library can help your child excel in research—a valuable skill for most careers!

Reason #5: Available

Some of the best books I have ever read are out of print! And, when I looked for them online, the asking price is way beyond reasonable. So, the only way to actually read them is to check them out of the library. Did I mention that it’s free?

Some of the best books are only available through the library!

World Empires Student Manual For those using my History Revealed curriculum, you will find Resources for Digging Deeper at the end of Phase One. If you have a student who loves to read, this will be a great opportunity to get as many books from the library as are interesting, giving him or her a chance to dive into fascinating folks and exciting events! If, on the other hand, you have a student who does not enjoy reading, let that one choose a few books out of the list that look interesting (or use the Dewey Decimal numbers provided to find your own). Let them read to their heart’s content (whether many or few).

And, remember, stay relational!