Seeking God’s Heart in History

Seeking God's Heart in History Using a Biblical Framework

For History Revealed, the third and final level of Christian history looks for God’s faithfulness to all peoples throughout the ages. This level of history moves beyond the scope of man’s influence and impact. God has a purpose that is greater than the plans of man. And ultimately it is HIS story!

Therefore, this level of Christian history seeks out the evidences of God’s heart—revealed in revivals, missions, and mercy ministries—and how that has affected the world.

For example, when we see the incredible timing of the powerful Pyongyang revival of 1907 in Korea and realize that it occurred within the brief, 5-year window of peace between the Russo-Japanese War and the Japanese occupation of Korea (which lasted 35 years), we begin to glimpse a measure of God’s faithfulness, compassion, wisdom, and grace.

Traditional village in Korea


This is the most amazing and profound level of Christian history that is revealed in a Biblical framework. A glimpse of God’s heart for the world is one of the most life changing things you will ever encounter.

This level of history will help you and your children to consider such questions as:

  • Where, even in the darkest moments of history, do we see God?
  • How was God preparing His church through these events?
  • How did God use this event for the spread of the gospel?
  • How did God demonstrate His faithfulness in this area of history?
  • How does this glimpse of God’s character affect my life?

Join us for this truly life changing adventure and catch a glimpse of HIStory!

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